Head games

Too many things stuck on my head.  I have glasses now because I am old and blind (for reading).  I have a mask for COVID-19 protection.  I have a wireless headset for my phone and computer (Microsoft Teams).  All of these things get tangled up together and create havoc on my face.  My mask either ties or has elastic that goes around to the back of my head.  I can’t use the ones that go over the ears because they flap my ears down and cause pain.  The headset is noise canceling so it has two muffs and a strap across the top of my head.  My glasses keep falling off when I adjust things so they now have a cord that goes around my neck.  If I am wearing a mask that ties those damn bows really are annoying. The new normal.

From happy to the dark side and beyond

I was hoping to give up sounding like Darth Vader but the numbers are up here in Nevada.  I can take my mask down when no one is near me (six feet).  That is what causes some of the frustration. Up down up down. Earphones on off on off.  Glasses off to remove the steam and then back on.  I need to invent something that handles all of this for me.   A headdress with built in glasses, headphones, and a mask.  Maybe headdress isn’t politically correct. Head gear that’s the ticket. Working from home was so much easier.

Bionic head gear.

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