Political drama

As much as I would like to avoid politics, the past two week have put it front and center.  First was the DNC and now the RNC.   The worst part of all of this is that it has filled primetime TV with no escape.  Our son came to visit on Saturday and we thought we could escape with a little Disney Plus.  Guess what we watched, “Hamilton”.   

It’s an award winning play about politics.  More specifically about the founding of our nation.  The entire thing is sung/rapped and danced to a hip hop beat.  It is 2 hours and 45 minutes long!  The convention coverages was limited to one hour a night.  All I can say is I am glad I saw it for free.  Not your typical Disney fare I might add.  I only recognized one of the 46 numbers, “It’s quite uptown”.  And that is thanks to Kelly Clarkson’s version on the radio.

I was interested in the story and if it were not for captions I probably would not have understood anything. There were obvious parallels to what is happening in government today. The in-fighting, the sex scandals, the dueling.  Well, we don’t allow dueling anymore.  Maybe we should bring it back?

I thought it was interesting that the “loser” of the Presidential race became the Vice President.  Can you image Trump with Clinton as his VP? I am sure this is something I once knew in High School.  I took Advanced Placement History.  Is history even taught anymore?  Now that I approach my 60th year those are distant memories.  Which reminds me of another musical that had one good song, “Cats”.  Yikes I am old.

So we muddled through “Hamilton”.  My son was almost insistent that we should see it.   His wife seemed to enjoy it, although she left the room a lot to take care of the baby.  At the end we find out he really didn’t like it.  I guess misery loves company.

The Schuyler Sisters

To be honest, it was pretty good, as those type of shows go.  I was probably too tired to truly appreciate the genius behind it.  Although I did dream about revolutionary war and the “Schuyler Sisters”.  Poor Angelica never satisfied, gave Alexander up to her sister Eliza.  And Peggy, what was her purpose? I guess the choreography called for 3 dancers.

And so it seems that we are again at a turning point in American History. This election will bring about change. We are hopeful that it will be for the good.

“I was born by the river in a little tent

Oh, just like a river, I’ve been running ever since

It’s been a long, a long time coming

But I know a change’s gonna come, oh , yes it will”

–Sam Cook

Sam Cook circa 1960

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