We gotta get out of this place

The days go by so quickly and yet the future seems so far away. I am so ready to retire from this place and spend my last days doing what I want to do when I want to do it. I turned 60 this month. It’s amazing I have lived this long and yet I see at least 20 more years in my future. It looks like I might be able to retire at 62. It all depends on our financial situation and healthcare.

DOW in downward spiral

Watching the stock market makes be afraid that my goal is unattainable. The real estate prices are holding so we might be able to sell our place. We might need to do that now and start renting. Our destination is Palm Springs. The prices there remain stable. But then I hear stories of investors looking for deals. Palm Springs is on their list. With people working from home during this pandemic, workers are discovering they don’t need to be in San Francisco or Los Angeles. They can work from anywhere there is internet.

Palm Springs is roughly 100 miles from LA or as the song goes 99 miles. There is less traffic, less smog, better weather (if you don’t count the extreme heat in the summer), and an all-round increase in the quality of life. That’s why I want to move there.

Also, it is eclectic. All sorts of people live there. Here I am surrounded by conservative MAGAs who scare the crap out of me. In Palm Springs I hope to be surround by my own people. It is a gay retirement destination of sorts. It is an old Hollywood retreat historically, but now it is more of a golf and leisure land with 360 days of sunshine a year. I don’t play golf but I would rather look out at those fields of grass then into my neighbor’s condo as I do now.

Beautiful Palm Springs

I think we would make friends. Not that we don’t have friends, but friends that understand who we are and aren’t just curious bystanders. I have high hopes for this utopia. But honestly we’ve got to get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do. The people here are such animals. Pun intended.

3 Responses to “We gotta get out of this place”

  1. Ronald Tipton Says:

    Palm Springs is my ultimate destination for retirement too! Maybe, just maybe some day. That is where I desire to end my days.

  2. Palm Springs is wall to wall ‘our people’ no lack of folks there.

  3. Jeffrey,
    I love Palm Springs! Might just be my eventual retirement destination. I turn eighty thus year, I qualify to live in Palm Springs.

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