First session: Get moving

I had my first call with my Health Coach on Friday.  She seems very nice.  It was merely a formal introduction to the program.  She asked me what I was hoping to accomplish.  I told her weight loss. We briefly discussed my diabetic history.  I told her this was not my first rodeo.  I had tried using a health coach before through our company’s healthy tracks program but it was canceled after the first 2 consults.  She assured me that we would be best buddies through the next 12 weeks.  I can text or email her with question anytime.  I don’t have to wait for our scheduled calls.

Now it is up to me to make this work.  She sent me a website to get started.  It is setup like a soap opera:

Episode 1: The Prescription

Billy and Jane embark on their journey to transform how they manage their type 2 diabetes by focusing on the key pillars of diabetes management: diet, exercise and medication as prescribed by their doctors. With the help of a team of experts, they begin to learn how they are going to make these important changes. Will Billy and Jane lower their A1C and make a meaningful change in their type 2 diabetes management?

The program is called D-Fit.  There are exercise videos for beginners.  They use flash cards.  Boy that takes me back to grade school.  I did try Richard Simmons Deal a Meal. Those were flash cards, sort of, but that too was decades ago.

Billy Gardell is in the first episode.

Now I just need to focus on this first episode and the beginning videos.  Looking at the whole program can be overwhelming and could easily set me up for failure.  I am ready to make this transformation.

Next week is Supermarket Swaps.  I think I already know what I should be eating but a refresher course couldn’t hurt.  But I am getting head of myself.  Baby steps, excuse me while I checkout my first lesson on exercise (I know that is a dirty word!).

3 Responses to “First session: Get moving”

  1. Good for you to begin on this journey. I wish you the best of luck. I know it won’t be easy. It sounds like your health coach is a good fit.

  2. I started my exercise this week. It isn’t much but I am doing something which is something. It’s a start.

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