Back to the workout

This work from home gig has revealed something to me.   All the advertisements on television are for drugs, reverse mortgages, insurance, lawyers and food.   Apparently, the only people home during the day are old hungry sick people who have committed a crime and need an attorney.  Now this week we have an impeachment trial for just that person.  Okay, maybe he isn’t hungry.

So here I am trying to work.  Eating minimal food to stay on track with my healthy diet. Wishing I were on vacation.  Thinking I have every disease and side effect known to man.  Wondering if a reverse mortgage is right for me.  After all it works for Magnum P.I., Tom Selleck.  And I’ll be damned if he doesn’t look better with age.  Too bad he didn’t keep some of that money he earned.


Today is exercise day.   Every other day I do the d-fit for beginners’ video.  Okay, so I skipped last week entirely and started again Monday.  This morning I am disappointed that the 30 minute workout didn’t make a difference on the scales.  But I know why.  Maybe by Friday I might see some results again.

Food diary

I am religiously recording what I eat.  The new app has pictures of the food.  It makes it more fun seeing broccoli, pork chops, rice, milk, cheerios, oranges, etc. next to my entries.  The chocolate cake, cookies, and gelato not so much.  So at a glance I can see my weaknesses.   Rick went to the store yesterday and asked me what snacks I wanted him to pick up.  What I want I can’t have, so apples and oranges it is.

To be fair you can have other things, but my problem at the moment is not eating those things to excess.  Better they are not readily available till I get past the cravings stage of this new way of eating.  I give myself a pat on the back for eating an apple yesterday instead of a piece of apple pie.  You can get some of the taste without all the calories.

We are experimenting with a cauliflower recipe to replace potatoes.   Getting the seasonings right is going to be the trick, because cauliflower has no taste of its own. My choice is butter but that is going the wrong direction. 

I have been making better side choices when we go out.   Corn instead of potato salad.  Cottage cheese instead of hash browns.  Fruit instead of French fries.  One side effect is that the additional fiber has messed with my digestion.  Ultimately this will be a good thing.

Tom Selleck

So Tom, What are you doing with that money from your reverse mortgage? Any trips to Hawaii planned? We want to go to Maui.  Maybe I’ll see you there.

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