One thing that I have not been doing is drinking enough water. You are supposed to drink 8 glass minimum a day. I drink water. Just not enough. While tea counts coffee doesn’t. How fair is that?

Anyone who is diabetic knows we have an unquenchable thurst. We also pee lot. In fact, one of my meds is designed to make me pee out sugar. So if I am not drinking enough water I am drinking something else. Because I am not dehydrated.

We all know what happened to Jack when he and Jill fetched a pale of water.

So the switch to water is a challenge for me. I used to be addicted to diet Pepsi. I could drink one right after the other. Then I discovered that the artificial sweeteners were actually contributing to my diabetic condition. While I was reducing my sugar intake I was also confusing my pancreas. Expecting sugar from the sweet taste in my mouth insulin was produced unnecessarily. This put everything out of wack.

I stopped the diet soda but the replacement was ice tea and juice or shamefully real Coke. I recently have started liking sparkling water. And it counts as part of my water goal.

What I am finding is that I am still not making my goal and in the evening before bed I am downing 3 glasses of water. Not good for the nighttime pee situation. One trick I have learned is to start my day with a glass of water. Even before coffee.

This water drinking in drowneding me, but I will master it.

Swimming cat

One Response to “Water”

  1. Good for you!
    I try to keep on top of water always.

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