Elephant in the room

Yesterday was a tough day.  The “elephant” was beating me up bad. This is the term used to describe that uncontrolled devil on your shoulder that wants you to eat that cupcake in the break room or have that bag of chips.  Yesterday, I was craving ice cream.  I am learning that you cannot ignore the elephant. You need to reward it in some way.

Elephant in the room

There is a plan.  Okay so I am not an expert and don’t necessary have the right acronyms here but, basically there are three things.  First you identify what, then you plan the how, and finally you attempt to placate it in some way. 

So, the target (what) was gelato at the Peppermill.  It is basically free because we have comps there to pay for it. (Don’t ask, that is another vice I am working on.) Rick wanted some gelato too. (Co-dependency or person to blame.)  Normally, I would just give in to this straight up.  But this time there was a plan.


I explained to Rick that we had just discussed this problem in Noom.  I told him that while I can have Gelato, it can’t be every time we go past the ice cream counter.  I need to schedule it.  We agreed.  But of course he wanted me to put it on the calendar for last night.  I gave in with the understanding that that would be the once in the next few days for such a treat.

We went to get the gelato.  There were choice to be made at the ice cream counter.  I made a conscience decision to pick something that would not completely blow my calories for the entire day.  I had a Raspberry Sorbet.  It was delicious.  The elephant was satisfied.  Crisis averted.

Raspberry sorbet – the compromise

One Response to “Elephant in the room”

  1. My ‘elephant’ I re-christianed ‘the bored stomach’ and remind it, it is not the boss of me.

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