Noom forth

I am in my fourth week of Noom.  I can’t believe I am sticking with it.  So far I lost 4.5 pounds.  I can see it in my face, but damned if I can see any difference in my waistline. Can’t even see my waist for that matter.  But it is working.  I have not only lost weight but I have been learning how to modify my behavior, the behavior that got me here in the first place, morbidly obese is the medical term.  A bit nasty sounding don’t you think?

Exercise has become a part of my day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  The circuit training is getting easier.  I have memorized what the coach is going to say next, along with all the bad jokes.  It’s a little like the script from the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.  You remember all of it, and sadly they are changing that dialogue because it is culturally dismissive.  I get it we can’t be offensive anymore. I am learning that too.

But back to the main topic, I am making this exercise task a routine rather than something I dread.  I still struggle with the pushups (I do mine on my knees) and the burpee sprawls, what a hellish thing they are to complete.  I do my best.  The thing to remember is my belly hits the mat a lot sooner than those guys and gals in the video, and I am moving around a lot more weight.  But I am moving and eventually I might/will be able to do them right.

Hopefully not an offense scene from Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise

As for the behavior modification, we are learning to pair things we do well with things we need to do.  It’s got some blasted name and acronym, but the basic idea is building on your previous accomplishments. 

For example, you started eating breakfast every morning.  Now you build on that by making some small changes to what you are eating.  Swap out the granola for some oatmeal or Greek yogurt that you add fresh nuts or fruit to.  Or if you are already eating Greek yogurt with fruit in it, buy the plain and add your own.  I don’t eat yogurt at all so this is not one of my things.  I have started boiling my eggs instead of frying them and switch to a whole grain English muffin. You can do this with everything in life not just food related habits, but for Noom’s purposes it is all about the food.

I am still a Noom apprentice* so I don’t have everything going for me yet. In fact, they don’t recommend trying to change everything all at once.  Concentrating on one thing makes it easier and you are more likely to succeed.  It is the opposite of multitasking.  Instead of doing everything half assed.  Do one thing right. 

*This apprentice not the other one.

The group conversion is also getting better.  People are sharing things I can relate to and give my own examples.  People have also shared deeply personal experiences such as deaths* in their family. The traumatic events, of course, have an enormous effect on ones ability to continue on with the program. I am not so sure I could be that brave. But I don’t mind offering my condolences and support to those that do.

*I know you’re thinking but Jeff how is that better conversion.  I guess it depends on how you view death.  I don’t fear it. I recognize it. I want to push it off and long as I can, but I have no fear.

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