Lessons learned

It’s Friday again. The weekend is always a struggle to stay with any diet.  So much fun to be had eating out and don’t get me started on desserts.  But I have made good progress so far, 5.4 pounds.  Monday will be the start of week 5.  I hope to make my goal of 6 pounds.  I have 3 days to lose.  Maybe I won’t quite make it but I am darn close to 1.2 pounds a week.  So that is decent progress even with my “guilty” days.

Another measure in Noom is our course progress.  I am at level 202.  This is about half way through the apprentice segment.  I think these lessons are really helping me stay with the program.  I have forgotten to do them twice.  But guess what?  They are added on to the next day so you have twice the work.  It’s only about 11 minutes a day.  I sometimes do them faster than the time allotted.  The nice thing is they are spread out in 2 minute reads.  So if you need to do something else or are interrupted it is easy to find your place and continue later.

Course progress

The food logging is also a good thing.  I am logging every meal and checking twice to see how many calories I have left and more importantly which groups my choices have fallen into.  As I mentioned before there are three groups, Green, Yellow, and Red.  Based on food density.  Amazing to me is that whole grain products are yellow. That means a whole grain English muffin goes into the yellow category, not red like it’s plain cousin.  It has encouraged me to get whole grains and brown rice, saving the red for beef, butter, or sweet indulgences like doughnuts.  That doughnut the other day didn’t kill me. It bit into my total calories but I still made it under for the day.

Time to enjoy the weekend and not worry too much.  I know I can do this because I am doing this and have been for 4 weeks.

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  1. this looks a sensible means to keep on track.

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