My health scare is over.  Time to get back on track with the program.  Today is exercise day, but I am going to take it easy until I am sure of my new medications.  I will do the strength training, but not the cardio portion of the routine. I am not making this new wrinkle an excuse to stop my progress on losing weight and getting fit.  But I don’t want a trip to the hospital either.

The psycho portion of the courses this week concentrated on breaking a plateau. I have not gotten to one yet.  The definition here is key.  A plateau is 2 weeks of no change in weight, not 2 days.  It is considered normal.  Your body tries to be more efficient with the reduced calories it is taking in and the weight loss suffers. 


What to do?  Well, you can ignore it and look for other signs of progress, like a loss in inches or clothing size, the ability to climb stairs and not be out of breath.  For each person, these alternate measurements of success will vary.  It could be something simple like avoiding a food pusher at work, turning down that doughnut.  Or maybe you have a more positive image of yourself, more confidence.  Whatever your measurement is you can use it to get through the plateau period.

But how do we break the plateau? This is the tricky part.  You don’t want to starve yourself as punishment. You also don’t want to give up and go on a binge, giving into the elephant.  Making a small change can sometimes break the curse.  Take an extra walk after work or at lunch.  Eat more at breakfast but still keep you total budget for the day.  Have a dessert once or twice a week if you aren’t already.  Then boom the weight will start coming off again.

That is the jest of what we are learning. The main point is to not give up just because you have hit a dead end or so it seems.  It is all perfectly normal and remember that your end goal is to be more healthy not to just lose weight.

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  1. I liked your last paragraph the most.

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