Sleep lab

Monday night I go to the sleep lab. Apparently, sleep apnea is a common cause of Afib. I check in at 9 pm, get hooked up to a bunch monitoring devices, spend the night, and leave at 6 am on Tuesday.

I don’t know how much fun this is going to be but it needs to be ruled out as a cause or confirmed. My husband will drop me off and pick me up. Just need pajamas and slippers for those middle of the night pee trips.

Then Tuesday afternoon is the Nuc Mex Stress test. More fun. I was told to bring a book. Then I meet with the electocardiologist, go home and wait for all the results.

Incidently, Noom was about the importance of sleep this week.

2 Responses to “Sleep lab”

  1. As I mentioned on my blog, I haven’t been reading blogs for about a month, with a plan to catch up this week. So when I read your latest post, it prompted me to go back and look at your recent entries. The word “afib” caught my attention because I have been down that road before. Mine happened when I was in my mid 40s and was on a train in Boston. I ended up in the New England Medical Center for four days until they could get it under control. I was on medication for years until it stopped working so I had a cardiac ablation and things are fine now. My thoughts are with you as afib is a scary thing. I wish you the best.

  2. true, many don’t sleep so well in a lab, so be mindful of the results if they are mixed or doubtful.

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