Unpleasant dreams

Well, I made it through the sleep lab and the Nuc Med stress test.  Now we wait for appointments to go over the results. 

I will say that the sleep lab was not a pleasant experience.  Oh, the people were nice, but that room was so sterile and the bed hard.  Plus all those wires stuck to my head chest and legs made it an ordeal to get up and go to the bathroom.  Had I thought it through I would not have taken my diabetic meds as they make me pee a lot.  And for some reason they kept waking me to reattach nodes that were no longer responding.  They woke me up at least 4 times for that and then one more time to hook me up to the Cpap machine, smog mask or whatever it is called.  That thing scared me. The one they used went over my nose and mouth kind of like the ones they use to give oxygen in surgery.  It was attached to what looked like a vacuum cleaner hose.  Talk about hard to roll over.  Oh my god.  I tried not to need to get up and pee but at 5:30 am I could hold it no more and called the nurse.  The whole thing was going to be over at 6:00 but I just couldn’t make it.

Cassandra Peterson – Mistress of the dark aka Elvira as she looks out of character.
Elvira *

This part I have not shared with anyone. ** When I went back to bed for that last half-hour all I could do was cry.  I think it was a combination of being reminded of my near death experience in outpatient surgery with that damn mask on my face, and the general acknowledgement that I had somehow failed myself by being obese for the past 30 years.  The nurse (ponytail boy) looked in while I was crying but said nothing.  I was never so glad to leave a place in my life.

As for the Nuc Med exam, that went way better.  I was in familiar surroundings at the hospital in a department I used to support before transferring to the Cancer Center.  A much more relaxed experience for a stress test.  Does that make sense? I have an appointment on Friday with the electro cardiologist.  Maybe he will go over the results with me, but that is not the purpose of our visit.

On the diet/Noom front, lost another pound through all this drama.

*I included this picture because I got the chance to interview her once in another life. Plus she is much easier on the eyes than Freddy Krueger.

** I did share it with my co-worker. She said I was breaking her heart.”It sounds horrible, but honestly it would be worse if you end up in a hospital. Hang in there.” She is a dear friend indeed.

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