Thinking too much

A lot of things to think about.  I got back a bunch of test results that make very little sense to me.  I have an appointment this afternoon to go over the results of the polysomnography (sleep) lab.  I had an appointment Friday with the electrophysiologist (device doctor).  I took Friday off as a stress/sick day.  I needed time to absorb all this new information.

Thinking too much by Lou Xiang

The upshot is that they want more tests.  I am to wear some sort of cardio monitoring device.  This will show how often I go into A-Fib, if at all during a 14 day data collection.  I am what they call asymptomatic, because I don’t know when I am A-Fib.  Apparently, others feel every heart beat change and are immediately destressed by these irregular changes.  Not me.   This is good and bad.  It is good that I have no outward symptoms or discomfort, but bad because I don’t know how long I have been experiencing A-Fib and how far along the decease has progressed.   It is just luck that I had an episode in the doctor’s office and she caught it on tape so to speak. 

The doctor went through a laundry list of treatments that may or may not be in my future. It was a lot to take in all at once.  All though he is a “device” doctor, he is hopeful that medication may do the trick.  But he warned that it is a progressive decease, meaning it worsens with age.  Something called ablation might be in my future.  I started reading about this and the possible complications and how I might need a pacemaker, etc.  Then I stopped.  I am not going to go there.

The test results from the sleep lab suggest that I need a cpap machine.  We will discuss this later this afternoon as I said.  So in May I will be hooked up to a heart monitor and wearing a mask to breath at night.  How exciting.  NOT.  I wonder if they get a kick back for how many of those damn things they sell.

As for my Nooming, it is right on schedule.  I need to find out if I can go back to exercising because I stopped with all this medical crap happening.  I am reading that I should not stress my heart.  So I am afraid to do much.  Maybe just some low impact weight training would be okay.

Getting old is not at all what I had envisioned.  I should be lying on a beach in Hawaii without a care in the world. Maybe worrying about which tropical drink I want next or if that cocktail waiter is ever coming back.

One Response to “Thinking too much”

  1. Getting old is not for the faint of heart. As I told you in a previous comment, I had a cardiac ablation that was successful and I have been off of meds for five + years. I could always tell when I went into a-fib. I have read that some people never know. Best of luck to you and I will be thinking of you. ~Michael

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