Now that I am doing Noom the company has decided to work with third party on a similar program called MOBE.  This is supposed to replace our old HealthyTracks system.  I don’t know why I need all of these darn health apps on my phone.  I am doing the bare minimum on MOBE to get credit.  It is truly redundant.  The difference is I have a “live” counselor assigned to me.  We have our first call on Friday.  I feel like we a dating. He sent me his bio (see below).

Guide Bio – Joe

Hey, I’m Joe!

I love to perform in live theater and love to watch it. I’m an easy audience member and love to suspend disbelief to be transported into a new world. I love movies, TV, and books for the same reason. I love animals and rescued two of the cutest dogs, Jake and Cindy. They came with their own “Oprah story” that is too long to tell here, but would melt your heart. I live with two cats and I now realize that my favorite animal is the one that is front of me. I love the way I feel when I meditate so I try and do it for an hour each day. I have always wanted to help people and have been learning about health and how I can use that to help myself and others. Now, as you and I start this journey together, I feel honored to be able to share what I have learned with you.

We’ll see how this goes.  If MOBE is okay I could stop paying for Noom.  But then next year the company will cancel MOBE and so it goes.

It is nice that our hospital is at least trying to address wellness. I am just a little overwhelmed with health experts right now.  Three health counselor, two cardiologist, and a pulmonary in a pear tree.  My cpap has been ordered and I should have it in my hot little hands in 7 to 10 days.  No more losing sleep over that one. (Pun intended.) All the other follow-ups are next month.

And next month is our anniversary.  We are going to see the grandchildren and my mother before going on to Palm Springs.  I can hardly wait.  Things are opening up a bit, so I am looking forward to going out for a drink or two or three.  They had to start serving food to be open.  People are complaining that the food is not good.  Who is going there to eat I ask you?

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