MOBE jumbo and Meditation

I had my MOBE call on Friday.  The “guide” Joe was very nice. There are four pathways he is supposed to guide me down:  Eat, Sleep, Move and Smile.  We went over the basic intro to the program and this Friday we are going to pick a path to start on and set some goals.  He also set me up with a pharmacist appointment today.  We will go over my medications and talk about supplements and the pros and cons, interactions, etc. 

I am sure you can guess what these path names represent but I will spell it out for you.  It is not the Ellen Show.  Eat is for your diet.  Nutrition and balance.  Weight loss approaches.  Sleep is exactly that, how to improve on your sleeping.  I am getting a CPAP on Friday so that is taken care of for now.  Move is of course that dirty word exercise.  I am doing circuit training videos three times a week.  Smile is all about stress.  This may be the one we discuss the most.  It is covered by Noom as well.  In fact we are working on that one this week.


Mediation is on the agenda for dealing with stress. We are not talking about crossing your legs for an hour and humming. It’s only 5 minutes and leg crossing is optional.  So is the humming.  Just take five minute to close your eyes and be with your thoughts.  Next step is to try and control what those thoughts are about.  There are three options given in the course.

First you can try being more aware of your senses.  What do you smell?  What do you hear? What do you see (with your imagination since your eyes are closed)? What is the temperature of the room? of your body? What’s for dinner and how will that taste? What are you thinking about? How do you feel emotionally?  Repeat for 5 minutes.

What I see with my eyes closed.

The second method involves breathing. Inhale to the count of 4.  Exhale to the count of 4.  Repeat for 5 minutes.

The last method is similar but it is called the counting method.  Inhale and exhale.  Count 1.  Inhale and exhale. Count 2.  Continue counting for 5 minutes.

“Meditation is a detour you can take to break out of the neural pathways that your mind normally takes when you experience stress. It immediately helps you feel calmer , more centered, more objective, in tune with your body and in touch with your feelings.  This will help you focus and reduce your stress.”

I just needed a diversion and this is hot.

That’s how it is advertised.  I am going to try one of these methods at 3 pm today and let you know.  I don’t drink much anymore so it’s worth a shot (pun intended).

One Response to “MOBE jumbo and Meditation”

  1. Meditations drives me to distraction as it is at the opposite end of my universe namely sitting still and being quiet and nothing thinking. wish that I could

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