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Getting real

Posted in health with tags , on May 24, 2021 by jefferyrn

I want to share a story.  It has nothing to do with weight loss or health.  Well, it sort of has to do with relationship health.  In Noom, we are learning to apply our psychic tricks to every part of our life, not just our food choices.  I thought this story would be relatable.

We made an appointment to go to the DMV to get our Real IDs.  The deadline to get these has moved out to May of 2023, but we made this appointment several months ago.  In Nevada, you go online to make your appointments.  There is not a choice for Real ID, just for New Drivers License.  The instructions say to pick the closest one to what you are wanting.  So we made the appointment back in February.

Flash forward to last week.  The day to go into the DMV has arrived.  My husband gets a text reminding him of the appointment and a link to a checklist that tells you what you need to bring in to the office:

A utility bill or credit card statement that has your name and address on it.

A recent check stub.

Your social security card.

Your old License.

We gather all these papers together the night before the appointment.  I say, “Don’t we need our passports.”  My husband says, “No, it is not on the list. It says two of the following.” And he proceeds to show me the list he received on his phone.  It didn’t sound right to me but he was insistent.  This was his thing.  He setup the appointment and I wasn’t in the mood to argue.

The next morning as we head out the driveway of our complex, I say, “Are you sure we don’t need our Passports or Birth Certificates?”  He stops the car and says, “Do you want to go back and get them?”  His tone was that of anger.  Why was I questioning him?  I said, “No, let’s just go.”  I tried to stay calm.

The DMV had moved to a new location all the way across town in an area known as South Meadows.  I tried to pull up a map but google still showed the old location.  I search for an article about the opening day and got the correct address to put into google.  We were on our way.

You can probably tell where this story is going, but sit tight and we will get there.  We arrived and the DMV and there was a long line outside the building.  The facility hadn’t opened yet.  One line was for walk-ins and the other was for appointments.  We checked in and waiting for them to open the doors.

The doors finally opened and we proceeded to wrap around in one of those fun line mazes.  I got called to the counter first.  My husband was in line behind me.  The information person asked me what I was there for and I told him a new ID.  He said, “Well, you have a license.  It works the same as and ID. They will punch holes in your license are you sure that is what you want?”  I said, “ No, I want that new ID.”  I couldn’t think of the name of it.  Finally, it clicked and the clerk said, “Oh, you want a Real ID.”  He pushed me a piece of paper that listed all the things needed to get a Real ID and asked if I had them.  And low and behold what was on that list?  A passport or a birth certificate is required.  I explain to the clerk that I was unprepared.  He gave me a pass to come back later in the day.

My husband went to the counter next and argued with the guy.  Said he in the same boat as me.  The clerk shooed him away. Saying he would have to come back.  My husband asked for a pass like I got.  The man said as long as you return in an hour you are good to go.

The race was on to get back home and get our passports and return to the DMV.  I didn’t say I told you so.  I let him fume all the way home.  I told him to go inside and get the passports because he knew right where they were in the safe.  We made it back to the DMV with 15 minutes to spare.   I was doing my breathing exercises all the way there trying to stay calm and not argue with him.

It was a success.  We turned in our paperwork, got our pictures taken, paid our fees and left.  Again I didn’t say I told you so.  I let him reason it out for himself.  He realized what had happened was that the list he was given was not for a Real ID but for a regular license, because that was the only appointment we could make.  I tried telling him this too, but he had to get there on his own.

So I was right.  He was wrong.  The world didn’t come to an end.  Thank you Noom for giving me some insight into what I have been doing wrong for years.  I can win an argument without even really arguing.  Imagine that if you can, cause it is a rare day in May for me.