Moving on

We spent the Memorial Day weekend cleaning out storage.  What a chore.  We took three loads to charity and one load to the trash.  Our Honda Pilot was filled to the brim each time.  I don’t know why we were paying to keep things we don’t need or want.

The goal.

Mistakes were made.  I gave away our good fan and kept the broken one.  I also said goodbye to some memories, holiday decorations, old knickknacks, and miscellaneous crap that has accumulated over the years. That electric deep fry we never used.  The George Foreman rotisserie (used twice, clean ups a bitch). Halloween costumes I have made over the years (all too big now!).  Old suits and jackets.  Hopefully someone can use this stuff.  Actually, I still have the memories, just not all the stuff that goes with them.  As Rick’s step dad used to always say, “Lighten the load”.

We went through our closets and got rid of clothes that no longer fit.  Too big I am happy to day.  We have both lost weight.  I kept my wedding shirt just because, well it’s my wedding shirt. We kept some Hawaiian shirts that might fit relatives.  Let them toss them out if they don’t want them, but they are good brands and it was hard to give them to charity. I told Rick to let them go but I lost that argument. We still have a whole house to pack up.  I am sure there will be more difficult decisions about what to keep and what to give away.

The movers are going to give us an estimate tomorrow.  It is all done virtually now.  We walk around with the cell phone camera on and tell them this goes, this we are taking ourselves, this is going to the consignment store, and so on. 

Virtual moving

Then the Realtor comes tomorrow afternoon to put our place on the market.  Maybe I should have led with this one.  We are selling our place and moving to Palm Springs. I got permission to work remotely for the next year and a half.  Then I will retire.  Yeah!!

This whole thing is bass akwards. I will write about the new place tomorrow. So much to tell from the tours to the offers and now Escrow. I have been in a very stressful couple of weeks.


One Response to “Moving on”

  1. Moving is always a hassle and a bungle; it never goes as smoothly as you want. Persevere.

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