Living in Reno, Nevada. I am 60 and my partner is 71. We have been a couple for 21 years and married for 6. In this “red-neck” part of the world that is not an easy task. Politics aside Reno is a very friendly place.

And there really is more to life here then the casinos downtown. We have skiing on Mt. Rose, Art Town, the Rodeo, kayaking on the Truckee river, and a myriad of festivals. Plus Lake Tahoe is only a 40 minutes scenic drive. Virginia City is even closer. I hope you enjoy reading about my very average life. I also am addicted to certain reality talent shows so you will have to suffer through my rants on those topics as well.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Mike Dini Says:

    I found your blog link on SpoReflections’ blog site. I am a former Reno denizen currently living in Michigan. I met my partner of 12 years in Reno at Steve’s Bathhouse and we have been joined at the hip ever since. I actually grew up outside of Reno in the small town of Yerington, but spent most of my first 40 years in Reno as it was the only place to go. Your blog makes me homesick. We are planning to return to Nevada in the next year or some.

    • That is so interesting. I live on the same street as Steve’s. Small world. I have never been in there, not that I wouldn’t go to a place like that when I was single. Thank you for visiting my blog. — Jeff

      • Mike Dini Says:

        Almost nine years later and I found your blog again! It’s been 21 years that I’ve been with my husband (married in 2014 in Reno) and we returned to Nevada in 2012. Although I wish we had returned to Reno, we moved to Las Vegas as the opportunities for me professionally were better. I love about your life in Reno with your husband.

  2. victorinvermont Says:

    I saw your very kind comment on Ur-Spo’s blog as well. I just wanted to come over say hi. 🙂

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