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Language of love

Posted in health, weight loss with tags , on June 30, 2021 by jefferyrn

Today is a good day.  I had my follow-up with the cardiologist yesterday and everything is hunky dory.  We closed on our new place in Palm Desert yesterday as well.  We are packing up to get out of Dodge (Reno) on the 5th of July. There are still things going on with the escrow on our sale of this place.  Inspections and repairs, oh my.  But I am trying to not let those things spoil my mood about the good stuff that is happening.

So what is happening with Noom during all of this excitement?  I am still losing weight and on track with my goals.  I have to keep site of where I started and where I am going.  I have lost 17 pounds so far on Noom.  I have been at this transformation since the end of February. That is an average of 4.25 pounds a month.  Slow but steady and I have learned a lot about myself and why I eat.  That’s the difference here.  It is not a diet.  It is a behavior modification.  A change in the mindset. Hopefully a long lasting change in how I see food.  And some of this spills over into the rest of my life.

For example, we talk about the concept of love.  I am sure some of you might already know this but there are 5 basic ways people show and appreciate one another.  It turns out I am a person who needs praise to feel loved.  Studying the other four types has helped me appreciate others and understand that the things they are doing are out of love.

Developed by Dr. Gary Chapman, an author and counselor, the Five Love Languages are:

So my need for praise translates to “words of affirmation”.  This seems pretty basic.  I took a quiz that came back with this result. 

Quality time means you feel the love when you are doing things together.  Physical touch can be a hug or a back rub or yes even doing the nasty.  Acts of service are things like doing chores without being asked to lighten the burden on another person, or doing something special for them.  Gifts seem obvious too, but don’t think of this a being a “material girl”.  For some people generosity just sparks for them either as the giver or the receiver.  Think grandma’s cookies, or auntie’s pies.  We sometimes call these people food pushers, but it really is a form of affection and love.

Love this coffee analogy

So where does this fit in with our relationship to food?  It helps us see these people in a different light and makes us better able to respond to them in a less offensive way.  We graciously accept grandma’s cookies.  We may even eat one.  But there are tools or physic tricks to help us through these situations.

If it’s your grandmother, let her slide.  But if it is a co-worker, you can explain to them how it makes you feel.“ I know you went to a lot of trouble to make these cookies….but it makes me feel like you are not supporting me in my weight loss goal.”  Okay so I may not have the best word here but you get the idea.  The key is not of offend them and give them an outlet for their love.  Ask them to try a new “healthy” restaurant or appeal to their gift giver and suggest a more appropriate treat, whatever that may be, that you both enjoy.

We had this pizza in Savanah. While it may not seem like a good idea, it was delicious and a gut ache 😋

I have only touched on the gift giver here, because it is easier to relate that one to food.  But all these love techniques come into play with how we relate to the people in our lives.  It’s the total picture that is ultimately being worked on, not just our relationship to food.  I encourage you to look into this and make a change for the better.

The one I need to work on is the physical touch.  My partner nicknamed me “Touch me not”.  But that could be a whole other post, maybe two.

The waiting (weighting) game

Posted in health, retirement, weight loss with tags , on April 29, 2021 by jefferyrn

I would like to report that I am losing weight and happy as a clam, but that is not the case.  I am on a plateau and it is starting to be discouraging.  I know I am doing all the right things. I am tracking my food, doing my exercises, drinking water, getting sleep, but the darn scales are going the wrong direction.  It is not going to deter me though.  It will happen eventually. 

There are lots of reasons I am not losing.  Salty food, too much food (even though I am meeting my target), not moving enough on the days I don’t exercise.   Some people would tell you that muscle weighs more than fat.  Not so sure there is any real science behind that unless you are a body builder with extreme muscles.  I tell myself that the dream machine/ humidifier is filling me with water vaper while I sleep.  But that tank is not that big, holds maybe 8 ounces of water.  Looking for excuses is not the best idea. 

If the plateau last longer than two weeks I need to change something.  But for now I just need to wait (weight) it out.


In other news, we lined up a realtor for Palm Springs.  He wants to have a Zoom meeting with us on Saturday before we come down.  My how things have changed with the pandemic and technology.  He looks like a nice guy but I am not sure he is the one that will be on the Zoom call.  He says they are a team.  Intriguing to say the least.  So I need to look sharp on a Saturday morning, combed hair, clean shirt, maybe even pants.

There is no doubt that we qualify to buy a second home.  The question is how much can we afford and still get what we are looking for without becoming “house poor”.  My husband has been crunching the numbers.  We are prepared.  Of course, I have my wish list, affordable or not.  There is some wiggle room.  I have some sources of income I am holding back for my future.  We need something that either one of us can afford should the other leave this world.  That’s what those sources are for, but in the back of my mind I want it all now. 


Eventually, I will retire and we will sell the Reno condo for what looks like now to be a hefty profit.  So that money could replace some of my stash if we go that route.  Husband is more cautious and thinks I may need that money too to survive without him.  He is probably right, darn him.  But what if I go first?  Then he gets all that money.  Maybe that is his secret plan, lol.

Hidden stash

I am sure I have bored you with all of this financial stuff so let me just end here and say we are going to have a nice week off and enjoy the warm weather in Palm Springs.





Sleeping better?

Posted in health, weight loss with tags , on April 27, 2021 by jefferyrn
The pink supermoon. Caught this picture last night with my cell phone. I can’t believe it myself!

Sleep therapy has commenced.   I have been using my cpap machine for 4 days now.  At first it seemed strange.  Every time I would put on the mask I envision Anthony Hopkins and had a strange craving for fava beans.  I have it down now.  I get up to pee, of course, and that is my opportunity disconnect, take the mask off, and adjust the straps.  The machine is set for a strength of 10.  But I have a modern version that has a ramp button.  It starts at 4 so I can fall asleep before it reaches 10.  I know this doesn’t make sense to non-users but imagine being in high wind verses a gentle breeze.  The wind is being blown directly into your mouth and nose.  It is a little jarring at first.  But then you get into the rhythm and everything is fine.  My husband says he can’t hear anything.  Even better.

The dream machine.
The mask – I added the scary teeth. It looks more menacing.

It is too soon for me to realize if I am feeling more rested, especially since I had a software upgrade to do at work over the weekend.  All that time on the computer wears me out and makes it hard for me to see straight.  Of course, I never see straight.  I have noticed my dreams are more vivid and real.  So something is happening.  And my husband had not tried to smother me or kicked me for snoring too loud.  I was worried about the hose and how I would turn over.  The hose swivels, but believe it or not I don’t toss and turn anymore.  I sleep on my side.  Each pee break I switch sides.  I don’t seem to be as hot anymore either.  Actually, I get cold and pull up the covers.

My machine is also a humidifier.  The lady at the equipment pickup/fitting place said that she goes through a tank every three days.  But since I am a mouth breather I go through almost a whole tank every night.   It uses distilled water.  Remember that stuff we used to put in irons.  After some searching I found it at the grocery store, took three different stops.  I don’t think irons require it anymore, but it seems everyone has a cpap.

Enough about this boring thing I call my “smog mask”.   We head over the hill to our son’s house in Sacramento on Sunday.  Everyone is properly vaccinated and we get to see the granddaughter and our great grandson. (Damn I am old.)  From there it is on to Morro Bay to visit my mother.  Sister and brother in-law are barred from the visit.  One reason is because they refuse to get vaccinated and the other is because we argue and it ruins my visit with mom.

Then comes the real fun.  We are going to Palm Springs for our anniversary and Ricky’s birthday.  We are also going condo shopping.  I am so ready to retire and move there permanently.  One of the oncologists I work for just bought a house there with his husband.  It sits in a canyon high above the rest of us peons, which I suspect is the reason he chose it.  They call it a fixer upper/teardown.  It is actually a 1.8 million dollar estate that used to be an underground casino.  It was at the end of a canyon and high up so they could see if anyone was coming and close up shop before they got caught.  I want to drive up there and leave a note on his door, “Jeff was here.  Do you need help with your Wi-Fi install?” A girl can dream.



Posted in health, weight loss with tags on April 22, 2021 by jefferyrn

When I returned to work last Monday a Christmas gift was still on my desk.  It was a water mug filled with Hershey kisses. I dumped them in a bowl to use the cup and covered them with tangerines.  I have not eaten any of the candy. 

The cup.

Despite it being nearly 5 months old the aroma of chocolate is tempting.

The bowl of temptation

In MOBE news, I talked to the pharmacist and she is going to make some recommendations to my primary care physician.

It was a good talk. She gave me some advice about supplements. The ones I had considered she said not to take as they could have adverse effects for a diabetic.* I asked what she could recommend for weight loss and she told me what I already knew, there is no magic pill.

*Don’t believe those Goli commercials. Neither the ashwagandha (kind of fun to say) or the apple cider vinegar have been scientifically prove to do much for weight loss. And for me they could cause extremely low blood sugar. Not a fun thing.

Working it out

Posted in health, random, weight loss with tags , , on April 17, 2021 by jefferyrn

I finally  went back to my exercise routine. It’s a circuit training video called d-fit. I am on the intermediate level. Just barely though. I follow the girl in the back doing push-ups on my knees etc.  I texted my doctor and was given the ok to start again. Just watch for chest pain and shortness of breath. Kind of funny cause excise always makes me breath harder but there is a difference between  breathing hard and being out of breath. So far I am fine.


Posted in health, weight loss with tags , on April 15, 2021 by jefferyrn

Now that I am doing Noom the company has decided to work with third party on a similar program called MOBE.  This is supposed to replace our old HealthyTracks system.  I don’t know why I need all of these darn health apps on my phone.  I am doing the bare minimum on MOBE to get credit.  It is truly redundant.  The difference is I have a “live” counselor assigned to me.  We have our first call on Friday.  I feel like we a dating. He sent me his bio (see below).

Guide Bio – Joe

Hey, I’m Joe!

I love to perform in live theater and love to watch it. I’m an easy audience member and love to suspend disbelief to be transported into a new world. I love movies, TV, and books for the same reason. I love animals and rescued two of the cutest dogs, Jake and Cindy. They came with their own “Oprah story” that is too long to tell here, but would melt your heart. I live with two cats and I now realize that my favorite animal is the one that is front of me. I love the way I feel when I meditate so I try and do it for an hour each day. I have always wanted to help people and have been learning about health and how I can use that to help myself and others. Now, as you and I start this journey together, I feel honored to be able to share what I have learned with you.

We’ll see how this goes.  If MOBE is okay I could stop paying for Noom.  But then next year the company will cancel MOBE and so it goes.

It is nice that our hospital is at least trying to address wellness. I am just a little overwhelmed with health experts right now.  Three health counselor, two cardiologist, and a pulmonary in a pear tree.  My cpap has been ordered and I should have it in my hot little hands in 7 to 10 days.  No more losing sleep over that one. (Pun intended.) All the other follow-ups are next month.

And next month is our anniversary.  We are going to see the grandchildren and my mother before going on to Palm Springs.  I can hardly wait.  Things are opening up a bit, so I am looking forward to going out for a drink or two or three.  They had to start serving food to be open.  People are complaining that the food is not good.  Who is going there to eat I ask you?


Posted in health, weight loss with tags , on April 8, 2021 by jefferyrn

I reached a goal this morning.  So far I have lost 10 pounds in six weeks. Slowly but surely the weight is coming off and I am eating better.  I feel better too.  After some rest and the realization that I don’t have it so bad after all, my depression from Monday is all but history.

Roma’s Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker

We have company coming for the weekend.  First time in months.  Everyone is vaccinated so the risk is lower.  This will be the test of my ability to avoid the food pushers and stick to my healthy eating habits.  I think I can do it because they are habits not a diet this time. I am sure to go over my budget at least once depending on where we go to eat but I am prepared. I have the tools to choose wisely and still not feel left out.

Noom lessons this week have been comparing different “diets” and their perceived benefits.  We have looked at Vegetarian/Vegan, Paleo, glutton free, and today Low-cab.  There are pros and cons to each of these.  In tandem to that we looked at what constitutes a balanced diet and how the has changed over the years.  We also looked at how it differs from country to country and different regions of the world.  These differences are based on availability of certain foods, culture, political, and religious beliefs.  It is interesting stuff without too much detail to bog it down and become boring.  We are also learning how to evaluate studies and whether they meet certain criteria to be trusted or not.  This is a little subjective but they give examples and list out the facts. We are given the chance to agree or disagree and then Noom tells us what they think.  It seems to be a fair approach.

I am sort of writing this blog today as an affirmation to myself.  I have made it.  I am still on the journey.  Success is the only option.  Slips and slides be damned.  I can and will lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

Doctors be damned too.  I got the results of my stress test.  Didn’t have to wait for my appointment.  They sent an all clear text message through MyChart.  Yeah!

Unpleasant dreams

Posted in health, weight loss with tags on April 7, 2021 by jefferyrn

Well, I made it through the sleep lab and the Nuc Med stress test.  Now we wait for appointments to go over the results. 

I will say that the sleep lab was not a pleasant experience.  Oh, the people were nice, but that room was so sterile and the bed hard.  Plus all those wires stuck to my head chest and legs made it an ordeal to get up and go to the bathroom.  Had I thought it through I would not have taken my diabetic meds as they make me pee a lot.  And for some reason they kept waking me to reattach nodes that were no longer responding.  They woke me up at least 4 times for that and then one more time to hook me up to the Cpap machine, smog mask or whatever it is called.  That thing scared me. The one they used went over my nose and mouth kind of like the ones they use to give oxygen in surgery.  It was attached to what looked like a vacuum cleaner hose.  Talk about hard to roll over.  Oh my god.  I tried not to need to get up and pee but at 5:30 am I could hold it no more and called the nurse.  The whole thing was going to be over at 6:00 but I just couldn’t make it.

Cassandra Peterson – Mistress of the dark aka Elvira as she looks out of character.
Elvira *

This part I have not shared with anyone. ** When I went back to bed for that last half-hour all I could do was cry.  I think it was a combination of being reminded of my near death experience in outpatient surgery with that damn mask on my face, and the general acknowledgement that I had somehow failed myself by being obese for the past 30 years.  The nurse (ponytail boy) looked in while I was crying but said nothing.  I was never so glad to leave a place in my life.

As for the Nuc Med exam, that went way better.  I was in familiar surroundings at the hospital in a department I used to support before transferring to the Cancer Center.  A much more relaxed experience for a stress test.  Does that make sense? I have an appointment on Friday with the electro cardiologist.  Maybe he will go over the results with me, but that is not the purpose of our visit.

On the diet/Noom front, lost another pound through all this drama.

*I included this picture because I got the chance to interview her once in another life. Plus she is much easier on the eyes than Freddy Krueger.

** I did share it with my co-worker. She said I was breaking her heart.”It sounds horrible, but honestly it would be worse if you end up in a hospital. Hang in there.” She is a dear friend indeed.

Don’t just sit there

Posted in health, random, weight loss with tags on March 31, 2021 by jefferyrn

Did you here about the guy who was so fat? How fat was he? When sat around the house he literally sat around the house. Bad joke, but I can still see Gene Rayburn telling it.

Gene Rayburn

Americans sit almost 10 hours each day on average. Research shows that sitting for more than 4 hours each day leads to:

* Enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats shutting down

* Reduced calorie burning (Metabolic rate)

* Disrupted blood sugar levels

* Increased insulin and blood pressure levels

* Leg muscles switch off

Regardless of your level of physical activity, sitting more than 8 hours a day leads to increased risks of:

* Heart disease

* Diabetes

* Obesity

* Cancer

* Back ache

* Dementia

* Depression

* Muscle degeneration

Sitting is slowly killing you.

Today we are attempting something call the 10:2.  Ten minutes of moving for every 2 hours of sitting.  Now whether that is 5 minutes every hour or 15 minutes every 3 hours, the plan is to average 10 minutes for every 2 hours. Do the math and schedule what works best for you.

This movement can be something simple like a long walk to get some coffee, a walk to the corner market, or a lap around the office complex.  Or you can just stand up at your desk and do jumping jacks or cartwheels (watch out for the printer).  Walking in place or taking a call while walking around is also an option.  I suspect one of my readers might take to rolling down grass hills. Just move.

I am at home so the plan is to walk to the fridge and scrounge around for a snack.  Just kidding. I will look in the pantry first, it’s closer.  Actually, I am just going get out of my chair and take a break doing things like folding laundry, food prep, cleaning the bathroom.  Basically chores that need to be done.  If I run out of chores I will listen to some music and jog in place.  Simple enough.

I am not sure what this will do for my metabolic rate but it’s worth a try.  Even though exercise doesn’t directly affect weight loss, it is good for the body and the mind.  I forgot why I came into the kitchen.  Surely not for a snack. (Dementia!)


Posted in health, weight loss with tags , on March 26, 2021 by jefferyrn

My health scare is over.  Time to get back on track with the program.  Today is exercise day, but I am going to take it easy until I am sure of my new medications.  I will do the strength training, but not the cardio portion of the routine. I am not making this new wrinkle an excuse to stop my progress on losing weight and getting fit.  But I don’t want a trip to the hospital either.

The psycho portion of the courses this week concentrated on breaking a plateau. I have not gotten to one yet.  The definition here is key.  A plateau is 2 weeks of no change in weight, not 2 days.  It is considered normal.  Your body tries to be more efficient with the reduced calories it is taking in and the weight loss suffers. 


What to do?  Well, you can ignore it and look for other signs of progress, like a loss in inches or clothing size, the ability to climb stairs and not be out of breath.  For each person, these alternate measurements of success will vary.  It could be something simple like avoiding a food pusher at work, turning down that doughnut.  Or maybe you have a more positive image of yourself, more confidence.  Whatever your measurement is you can use it to get through the plateau period.

But how do we break the plateau? This is the tricky part.  You don’t want to starve yourself as punishment. You also don’t want to give up and go on a binge, giving into the elephant.  Making a small change can sometimes break the curse.  Take an extra walk after work or at lunch.  Eat more at breakfast but still keep you total budget for the day.  Have a dessert once or twice a week if you aren’t already.  Then boom the weight will start coming off again.

That is the jest of what we are learning. The main point is to not give up just because you have hit a dead end or so it seems.  It is all perfectly normal and remember that your end goal is to be more healthy not to just lose weight.