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London Spy

Posted in movies on February 14, 2019 by jefferyrn

I am halfway through a miniseries on Netflix called “London Spy”. It was originally aired on BBC in 2015. What is unique about this series is that the lead characters are gay. It is sort of and LBGT James Bond kind of story, with a twist. You have the rich villains, but the lead person is just an ordinary guy, except that he is fearless. His love interest is a handsome introverted brilliant mind. Not “Octapussy”, but intriguing none the less.

Ben Whishaw plays Danny.

Anyway, I am hooked on this show. Thank goodness it is only 5 episodes. I can’t binge watch it because it gives you a lot to think about and it can cause nightmares. I don’t want to give away the plot but this is for mature audiences. There are some sex scenes and drug use shown vividly.

Danny and Alex

The Cakemaker

Posted in movies with tags , on January 4, 2019 by jefferyrn

Over the holiday, besides eating too much food, we found time to watch a few LGBT movies on Netflix. I don’t normally like foreign films because I have trouble keeping up with the subtitles, but we came across a real gem, “The Cakemaker”.

The film is by Israeli writer/director Ofir Raul Graizer. While some of the dialogue is in Hebrew, the lead character is a German baker. Like us, the viewers, he doesn’t speak Hebrew either, so a lot of the interactions are spoken in English which puts the subtitles at a minimum. Also there are so much unspoken parts to this story. Tim Kalkhof plays Thomas (the baker). His ability to draw you into the story without speaking a word is true art and talent.

The basic story is two men fall in love. Oren (Roy Miller) is married to Anat (Sarah Adler) and they have a child. Oren meets Thomas and conducts his affair on business trips to Berlin. Oren is tragically killed in an auto accident, and this is where the story truly begins.

Thomas goes to Jerusalem and works his way into Anat’s life without telling her that he knew her husband. When I put this down in words here it sounds deceitful but as it unfolds on screen you are falling in love with all of the characters and get to understand their tremendous grief and loss.

There are flash backs into Thomas and Oren’s affair as well as Anat and Oren’s marriage and love for their son.

I won’t give the entire story away here, in case you decided to watch for your selves. But the baking scenes with Anat and Thomas are reminiscent of the pottery wheel in “Ghost”, and the desserts are amazing. Along the way we also learn things about the two cultures as well. I would give this film 4 stars.