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Moving on

Posted in random, retirement with tags on June 1, 2021 by jefferyrn

We spent the Memorial Day weekend cleaning out storage.  What a chore.  We took three loads to charity and one load to the trash.  Our Honda Pilot was filled to the brim each time.  I don’t know why we were paying to keep things we don’t need or want.

The goal.

Mistakes were made.  I gave away our good fan and kept the broken one.  I also said goodbye to some memories, holiday decorations, old knickknacks, and miscellaneous crap that has accumulated over the years. That electric deep fry we never used.  The George Foreman rotisserie (used twice, clean ups a bitch). Halloween costumes I have made over the years (all too big now!).  Old suits and jackets.  Hopefully someone can use this stuff.  Actually, I still have the memories, just not all the stuff that goes with them.  As Rick’s step dad used to always say, “Lighten the load”.

We went through our closets and got rid of clothes that no longer fit.  Too big I am happy to day.  We have both lost weight.  I kept my wedding shirt just because, well it’s my wedding shirt. We kept some Hawaiian shirts that might fit relatives.  Let them toss them out if they don’t want them, but they are good brands and it was hard to give them to charity. I told Rick to let them go but I lost that argument. We still have a whole house to pack up.  I am sure there will be more difficult decisions about what to keep and what to give away.

The movers are going to give us an estimate tomorrow.  It is all done virtually now.  We walk around with the cell phone camera on and tell them this goes, this we are taking ourselves, this is going to the consignment store, and so on. 

Virtual moving

Then the Realtor comes tomorrow afternoon to put our place on the market.  Maybe I should have led with this one.  We are selling our place and moving to Palm Springs. I got permission to work remotely for the next year and a half.  Then I will retire.  Yeah!!

This whole thing is bass akwards. I will write about the new place tomorrow. So much to tell from the tours to the offers and now Escrow. I have been in a very stressful couple of weeks.


Working it out

Posted in health, random, weight loss with tags , , on April 17, 2021 by jefferyrn

I finally  went back to my exercise routine. It’s a circuit training video called d-fit. I am on the intermediate level. Just barely though. I follow the girl in the back doing push-ups on my knees etc.  I texted my doctor and was given the ok to start again. Just watch for chest pain and shortness of breath. Kind of funny cause excise always makes me breath harder but there is a difference between  breathing hard and being out of breath. So far I am fine.

Sleep lab

Posted in health, random with tags on April 4, 2021 by jefferyrn

Monday night I go to the sleep lab. Apparently, sleep apnea is a common cause of Afib. I check in at 9 pm, get hooked up to a bunch monitoring devices, spend the night, and leave at 6 am on Tuesday.

I don’t know how much fun this is going to be but it needs to be ruled out as a cause or confirmed. My husband will drop me off and pick me up. Just need pajamas and slippers for those middle of the night pee trips.

Then Tuesday afternoon is the Nuc Mex Stress test. More fun. I was told to bring a book. Then I meet with the electocardiologist, go home and wait for all the results.

Incidently, Noom was about the importance of sleep this week.

Don’t just sit there

Posted in health, random, weight loss with tags on March 31, 2021 by jefferyrn

Did you here about the guy who was so fat? How fat was he? When sat around the house he literally sat around the house. Bad joke, but I can still see Gene Rayburn telling it.

Gene Rayburn

Americans sit almost 10 hours each day on average. Research shows that sitting for more than 4 hours each day leads to:

* Enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats shutting down

* Reduced calorie burning (Metabolic rate)

* Disrupted blood sugar levels

* Increased insulin and blood pressure levels

* Leg muscles switch off

Regardless of your level of physical activity, sitting more than 8 hours a day leads to increased risks of:

* Heart disease

* Diabetes

* Obesity

* Cancer

* Back ache

* Dementia

* Depression

* Muscle degeneration

Sitting is slowly killing you.

Today we are attempting something call the 10:2.  Ten minutes of moving for every 2 hours of sitting.  Now whether that is 5 minutes every hour or 15 minutes every 3 hours, the plan is to average 10 minutes for every 2 hours. Do the math and schedule what works best for you.

This movement can be something simple like a long walk to get some coffee, a walk to the corner market, or a lap around the office complex.  Or you can just stand up at your desk and do jumping jacks or cartwheels (watch out for the printer).  Walking in place or taking a call while walking around is also an option.  I suspect one of my readers might take to rolling down grass hills. Just move.

I am at home so the plan is to walk to the fridge and scrounge around for a snack.  Just kidding. I will look in the pantry first, it’s closer.  Actually, I am just going get out of my chair and take a break doing things like folding laundry, food prep, cleaning the bathroom.  Basically chores that need to be done.  If I run out of chores I will listen to some music and jog in place.  Simple enough.

I am not sure what this will do for my metabolic rate but it’s worth a try.  Even though exercise doesn’t directly affect weight loss, it is good for the body and the mind.  I forgot why I came into the kitchen.  Surely not for a snack. (Dementia!)

Recipe Thursday

Posted in food, health, random, weight loss with tags , on March 4, 2021 by jefferyrn

I haven’t tried this one yet but it looks good to me. It’s mostly a “green” choice, which means low calorie density. The only density really comes from the butter.

What the heck

Posted in random on February 19, 2021 by jefferyrn

Just a brief post today because I can’t believe this poll. 1 in 10 Americans are okay with Neonazi views. Wbat the heck.

I remember they used to say 1 in 10 people are gay. And some comic started counting his audience. We can laugh at homosexuals. But white supremacists are not so funny.

This is cancel culture. 10 percent of you are horrible people. 10 percent of you are “family”. I don’t thing any of you are both. Unless we are talking about my real family. Some of them horrible.

Valentine’s in the 16th century

Posted in random with tags on February 14, 2021 by jefferyrn

There has been much fuss made about “Bridgerton” on Netflix. It is and unorthodox soap opera set in the Regency era. It is quite good if not so much true to history. The cast is attractive and engaging. But before this was a series that originally aired on television called “Reign”. It’s four seasons Rs now on Netflix commercial free.

Reign loosely follows the life of Mary Queen of Scots. I say loosely because the characters are children but in this telling they are young adults. Remember this was made for television. But most of all it is a love story.

We follow Mary and her many suitors. There are lots of plot twist and friends become enemies and then friends again or betrayers all in the name of love and power.

Some of the key players. Lola, one of Mary’s lady’s; Bash, the king’s bastard son; Stephen, an evil lord; Queen Elizabeth of England; Mary and her husband Frances; Mary and Catherine de Medici.


Weighing in

Posted in health, random, weight loss with tags on February 11, 2021 by jefferyrn

I feel the need to provide some sort of update. I have been doing everything right for the past few days. But for a few transgressions (cookies, sopapillas) I am eating better. Tomorrow is coach day and I am ready for some new encouragement and help with strategy.

I also will be doing my third workout this week. Then we will get on the scales on Saturday……fingers crossed there will be something positive to report.

Political drama

Posted in random with tags , , on August 26, 2020 by jefferyrn

As much as I would like to avoid politics, the past two week have put it front and center.  First was the DNC and now the RNC.   The worst part of all of this is that it has filled primetime TV with no escape.  Our son came to visit on Saturday and we thought we could escape with a little Disney Plus.  Guess what we watched, “Hamilton”.   

It’s an award winning play about politics.  More specifically about the founding of our nation.  The entire thing is sung/rapped and danced to a hip hop beat.  It is 2 hours and 45 minutes long!  The convention coverages was limited to one hour a night.  All I can say is I am glad I saw it for free.  Not your typical Disney fare I might add.  I only recognized one of the 46 numbers, “It’s quite uptown”.  And that is thanks to Kelly Clarkson’s version on the radio.

I was interested in the story and if it were not for captions I probably would not have understood anything. There were obvious parallels to what is happening in government today. The in-fighting, the sex scandals, the dueling.  Well, we don’t allow dueling anymore.  Maybe we should bring it back?

I thought it was interesting that the “loser” of the Presidential race became the Vice President.  Can you image Trump with Clinton as his VP? I am sure this is something I once knew in High School.  I took Advanced Placement History.  Is history even taught anymore?  Now that I approach my 60th year those are distant memories.  Which reminds me of another musical that had one good song, “Cats”.  Yikes I am old.

So we muddled through “Hamilton”.  My son was almost insistent that we should see it.   His wife seemed to enjoy it, although she left the room a lot to take care of the baby.  At the end we find out he really didn’t like it.  I guess misery loves company.

The Schuyler Sisters

To be honest, it was pretty good, as those type of shows go.  I was probably too tired to truly appreciate the genius behind it.  Although I did dream about revolutionary war and the “Schuyler Sisters”.  Poor Angelica never satisfied, gave Alexander up to her sister Eliza.  And Peggy, what was her purpose? I guess the choreography called for 3 dancers.

And so it seems that we are again at a turning point in American History. This election will bring about change. We are hopeful that it will be for the good.

“I was born by the river in a little tent

Oh, just like a river, I’ve been running ever since

It’s been a long, a long time coming

But I know a change’s gonna come, oh , yes it will”

–Sam Cook

Sam Cook circa 1960

Here is the Nurse who lost 50 lbs. due to Covid-19

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