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Moving literally

Posted in retirement with tags on July 22, 2021 by jefferyrn

So here I am in my new home in Palm Desert, California.  Moving takes a lot out of a person, not to mention using up vacation days.  It has been a two week ordeal.  Purging, packing, loading, unloading, driving trucks, plane flights and a lot work in the heat at both ends of the move, have left us tired, angry, frustrated, and elated all at the same time.

But we are here.  We have lightened the load as my uncle John used to say.  It was worth it.  Yes it is hot here.  Yes we have good air conditioning.  But the climate has changed, not just weather wise.  We are among our people, and once we are rested and not constantly doing things related to the move we might go out and greet them.  The neighbors are friendly.  One even brought over a bottle of champagne to welcome us. 

I am back to work this week, which has been a break from setting up house.  WFH (working from home) is such a blessing.  I got the internet going first thing.  I had a new desk delivered.  I am sitting under a window.  However, it is so hot outside I have to keep the shutters closed most of the time.  It looks out into our courtyard and Ricky’s new BBQ.  Bougainvillea climb the outside walls.  Palm trees are the skyline.  It is paradise.  Soon the patio will be filled with plants and furniture, but no rush because it is our hottest season right now and I don’t plan to go outside much.

There are things we want to do to modernize the place.  Maybe some new counter tops and appliance.  Maybe some new area rugs.  But it is livable for now.  The entire living room and dining room are tile floors and we have vaulted ceilings.  It is a giant echo chamber.  Once we get some pictures on the walls and rugs it should muffle that somewhat. 

It is a new chapter in our lives.  I won’t officially retire until 2022.  So working from home is the alternative.  I can get back to NV, if necessary by plane, for projects that require on-site presents.  My boss says the team in Reno can be my hands for most things, so I don’t anticipate going back.  I have to show that I am willing and able, of course.   And there has been a hit to the budget.  People have been let go.   Some have chosen to retire early.  My managers have stood up for me and so far I have escaped that fate.  I believe it is fear that keeps me on the payroll.  They don’t want to do my job.

One side benefit of all this moving is that I have sweat away several pounds.  Hopefully, it is not temporary.  I keep doing my Noom lessons.  I am on track for my goals.  I feel healthier if nothing else. I have a farmers tan now, instead of the Reno ghost look.





Moving on

Posted in random, retirement with tags on June 1, 2021 by jefferyrn

We spent the Memorial Day weekend cleaning out storage.  What a chore.  We took three loads to charity and one load to the trash.  Our Honda Pilot was filled to the brim each time.  I don’t know why we were paying to keep things we don’t need or want.

The goal.

Mistakes were made.  I gave away our good fan and kept the broken one.  I also said goodbye to some memories, holiday decorations, old knickknacks, and miscellaneous crap that has accumulated over the years. That electric deep fry we never used.  The George Foreman rotisserie (used twice, clean ups a bitch). Halloween costumes I have made over the years (all too big now!).  Old suits and jackets.  Hopefully someone can use this stuff.  Actually, I still have the memories, just not all the stuff that goes with them.  As Rick’s step dad used to always say, “Lighten the load”.

We went through our closets and got rid of clothes that no longer fit.  Too big I am happy to day.  We have both lost weight.  I kept my wedding shirt just because, well it’s my wedding shirt. We kept some Hawaiian shirts that might fit relatives.  Let them toss them out if they don’t want them, but they are good brands and it was hard to give them to charity. I told Rick to let them go but I lost that argument. We still have a whole house to pack up.  I am sure there will be more difficult decisions about what to keep and what to give away.

The movers are going to give us an estimate tomorrow.  It is all done virtually now.  We walk around with the cell phone camera on and tell them this goes, this we are taking ourselves, this is going to the consignment store, and so on. 

Virtual moving

Then the Realtor comes tomorrow afternoon to put our place on the market.  Maybe I should have led with this one.  We are selling our place and moving to Palm Springs. I got permission to work remotely for the next year and a half.  Then I will retire.  Yeah!!

This whole thing is bass akwards. I will write about the new place tomorrow. So much to tell from the tours to the offers and now Escrow. I have been in a very stressful couple of weeks.


The waiting (weighting) game

Posted in health, retirement, weight loss with tags , on April 29, 2021 by jefferyrn

I would like to report that I am losing weight and happy as a clam, but that is not the case.  I am on a plateau and it is starting to be discouraging.  I know I am doing all the right things. I am tracking my food, doing my exercises, drinking water, getting sleep, but the darn scales are going the wrong direction.  It is not going to deter me though.  It will happen eventually. 

There are lots of reasons I am not losing.  Salty food, too much food (even though I am meeting my target), not moving enough on the days I don’t exercise.   Some people would tell you that muscle weighs more than fat.  Not so sure there is any real science behind that unless you are a body builder with extreme muscles.  I tell myself that the dream machine/ humidifier is filling me with water vaper while I sleep.  But that tank is not that big, holds maybe 8 ounces of water.  Looking for excuses is not the best idea. 

If the plateau last longer than two weeks I need to change something.  But for now I just need to wait (weight) it out.


In other news, we lined up a realtor for Palm Springs.  He wants to have a Zoom meeting with us on Saturday before we come down.  My how things have changed with the pandemic and technology.  He looks like a nice guy but I am not sure he is the one that will be on the Zoom call.  He says they are a team.  Intriguing to say the least.  So I need to look sharp on a Saturday morning, combed hair, clean shirt, maybe even pants.

There is no doubt that we qualify to buy a second home.  The question is how much can we afford and still get what we are looking for without becoming “house poor”.  My husband has been crunching the numbers.  We are prepared.  Of course, I have my wish list, affordable or not.  There is some wiggle room.  I have some sources of income I am holding back for my future.  We need something that either one of us can afford should the other leave this world.  That’s what those sources are for, but in the back of my mind I want it all now. 


Eventually, I will retire and we will sell the Reno condo for what looks like now to be a hefty profit.  So that money could replace some of my stash if we go that route.  Husband is more cautious and thinks I may need that money too to survive without him.  He is probably right, darn him.  But what if I go first?  Then he gets all that money.  Maybe that is his secret plan, lol.

Hidden stash

I am sure I have bored you with all of this financial stuff so let me just end here and say we are going to have a nice week off and enjoy the warm weather in Palm Springs.






Posted in retirement with tags , , on February 26, 2021 by jefferyrn

Now that I am working on my health, I am also looking at my environment and what needs to be done to move to Palm Springs.  We have so much stuff in this condo. More in storage. It is time to start thinning things out (pun intended).

To that end, my husband is contemplating selling some of his Disney collection.  Whatever he can get for it could be used for new carpet, updating the bathroom, etc.  As I look around though, it is very daunting task ahead of us.  But it is better to do something about it now and not have to move it.  It has some sentimental value and we enjoy it, but it will be worthless when we pass.  The kids will probably not want any of it, nor concern themselves with what it might be worth.  It will just be gotten rid of to the junk man.

The Junk King – I may have need of this man.

My husband thinks the family may want some of this stuff and wants to offer it up to them.  That is all well and good, but I hope he doesn’t get too frustrated when he see how little of it will be taken. Ebay is probably the best bet. Then the extra furniture can go to a lovely consignment shop here in town.  They pick it up and sell it for you. If it doesn’t move they discount it more.  Ultimately, if there are no takers the option to bring it home is given or they will donate it.  Of course, we still need to unload the contents of these cabinets. Woe is me.

Family Treasures

Storage is another matter.  We will need to wait till the weather warms up so we can sort through that stuff.  I am of the mind to let it go at one of those auctions you see on TV, Storage Wars.  There are some seasonal things that we will need to retrieve.  But by and large if I haven’t wanted it this long, I don’t need it at all.  This too will be a daunting task.

Storage Wars – Dave Hester

When you start to go through things you forget your purpose.  You lose yourself in memories and have difficultly parting with your possessions.  Half an hour goes by and you have barely sorted one box.  The keep pile is much too large.  I am going to try not to do that this time.

I think the sensible approach is to make a list before hand of things we remember are over there that we want, keep those and no more.   Or at least limit ourselves to things with deep emotional value that we may not recall.  It is still going to be challenging.  We will sort into keep, sell, donate and trash,  just like they do on those hoarder shows.

American Hoarders – It’s not this bad but give time who knows.

I think this will make me feel better about retirement knowing we will be starting fresh with less baggage from the past weighing us down. Thinning the load and the body.

We gotta get out of this place

Posted in retirement, Work with tags , , on September 23, 2020 by jefferyrn

The days go by so quickly and yet the future seems so far away. I am so ready to retire from this place and spend my last days doing what I want to do when I want to do it. I turned 60 this month. It’s amazing I have lived this long and yet I see at least 20 more years in my future. It looks like I might be able to retire at 62. It all depends on our financial situation and healthcare.

DOW in downward spiral

Watching the stock market makes be afraid that my goal is unattainable. The real estate prices are holding so we might be able to sell our place. We might need to do that now and start renting. Our destination is Palm Springs. The prices there remain stable. But then I hear stories of investors looking for deals. Palm Springs is on their list. With people working from home during this pandemic, workers are discovering they don’t need to be in San Francisco or Los Angeles. They can work from anywhere there is internet.

Palm Springs is roughly 100 miles from LA or as the song goes 99 miles. There is less traffic, less smog, better weather (if you don’t count the extreme heat in the summer), and an all-round increase in the quality of life. That’s why I want to move there.

Also, it is eclectic. All sorts of people live there. Here I am surrounded by conservative MAGAs who scare the crap out of me. In Palm Springs I hope to be surround by my own people. It is a gay retirement destination of sorts. It is an old Hollywood retreat historically, but now it is more of a golf and leisure land with 360 days of sunshine a year. I don’t play golf but I would rather look out at those fields of grass then into my neighbor’s condo as I do now.

Beautiful Palm Springs

I think we would make friends. Not that we don’t have friends, but friends that understand who we are and aren’t just curious bystanders. I have high hopes for this utopia. But honestly we’ve got to get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do. The people here are such animals. Pun intended.

Hard times

Posted in health, retirement with tags on March 19, 2020 by jefferyrn

It is hard to think of anything except the pandemic.  I try to continue working and living my life as best I can, given the path we are currently on.  People are scared for the future.  The unknown is terrifying.   But what certainty is there after all?  Shit happens.

This is the second big blow to my future.  The first one came 15 years ago when the economy went to shit.  We had plans.  Rick was going to retire.  We were going to move.  We thought we had enough money in real estate that maybe I could retire with him.  Then you know what happened next.  

We lost money on the sale of our house in California.  Had we known what was going to happen we should have just walked away, but we thought we were doing the right thing?  I lost my job in the city.  I found one locally and we became renters.  After 2 years we decided it was time to move on.  I found a job in Reno and Rick retired.  We moved into a 2 bedroom condo and here we are today.

I have been with the hospital for 13 years.  Property values have started to go up.  My salary is almost back to what it was in the city (San Francisco).  I am looking at retirement in a few years.  It all seemed possible in January.  Now things are looking bad.

My 401K has taken a big hit.  Real estate is stable but stagnant for now.  Our plans to move to Palm Springs are delayed at best or cancelled all together if things don’t change soon.  I know I am not alone in my tale of woe, but that doesn’t seem to be comforting.

If I were a religious man like my father I would ask god what I did that was so terrible you have stuck me down again.  Actually my dad would not ask that question.  He had faith and believed everything would be alright.  I know that is true too.  We deal with what life presents us in whatever way we can. “I will survive”, as Gloria Gaynor once sang in that anthem of hope for our community.

Gloria Gaynor