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Deeper…deeper…that’s it

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The more I struggle with my weight the more I seem to gain.  It is ridiculous.  I have gained 20 pounds since May.  Fat and happy I am not!  I know it is ultimately me that has to make this change, but others are not helping me one bit.  Ice cream social at work, cake for company, candy appears on the kitchen counter for no reason at all.  I have no will power against these things.  None!

Ricky says he wants to help me.  “Let’s walk.”  “Why are you always eating?” “Are you gonna want any dinner after eating all that cheese?” And then there is the opposite, “I can’t finish these enchilada’s. Do you want mine?”  “Let’s get a jelato”. “Let’s get a Blizzard”.  Stop trying to help!  It’s not working.

I have a big problem. Most of my social life revolves around eating or drinking. I love it.  When I try to cut back I feel deprived and eat more. It doesn’t matter what it is when you are feeling deprived. I will eat stuff I don’t even like, but it’s available.

I am anything but deprived. I am twice the man I was at 20. I will soon be 54 in September. You know how some people eat when they are depressed. I eat when I am depressed, when I am happy. If there is food in front of me I will probably eat it.   In fact,  we went out for Mexican a few months ago.  I had Chili Verde.  I finished half of it before Ricky tasted it and told me it was spoiled.  I got sicker than a dog. I don’t even want to smell chili verde ever again. We have not been back to that restaurant either.

Why is this happening? This morning Ricky suggested hypnotism. Every time someone says the word chicken I feel full. Ding Ding Ding. I supposed that could work except I don’t believe in that nonsense.


Look deep into my measuring tape

Halfway down

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Halfway down the stairs
is a stair
where i sit.
there isn’t any
other stair
quite like
i’m not at the bottom,
i’m not at the top;
so this is the stair
I always

Halfway up the stairs
Isn’t up
And it isn’t down.
It isn’t in the nursery,
It isn’t in town.
And all sorts of funny thoughts
Run round my head.
It isn’t really
It’s somewhere else

— A. A. Milne

Michael’s post inspired me to read more poems by Milne.  I rather like this one.

Break a leg SYTYCD has another injury

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Billy Bell sidelined after a knee injury during rehearsals

It’s been an odd season so far.   America doesn’t seem to need to vote, the contestants are dropping like flies on their own accord.  This week Billy is in the bottom three and did not perform tonight because he injured his knee.  Let hope he doesn’t get eliminated and we can see him dance again next week.  Nigel joked that they might merge the show with Survivor next season if this keeps up.

Kent has the crowd on his side.  He did a jazz routine and a step routine and was amazing as always.  Robert did a Rumba that made us forget he is actually a contemporary dancer, not ballroom.  Robert also did a jazz routine that wowed the judges but fell flat for me.  I think it was the costumes.  That cut up shirt looked a little 80s to me.  A little gay and that’s not in a good way.   There is only one girl left, Lauren, and she did a great hip hop number with Twitch where she literally rode him like a horse and was partnered with Robert in his jazz routine.  She is fun to watch, but I think the boys out dance her.  As for the other two.  I think Jose is adorable but he really doesn’t have a chance at winning this thing.   And Adechike  has his moments but again he is being out danced by the others.  I predict one of these two will be going home.

We had a guest judge, Kenny Ortega, tonight but I don’t really know why.  The regulars were still there too.  Mary Murphy could have been a fourth judge all along.  Come on producers, bring Mary back even for just one night.  I miss the Hot Tamale Train and her wonderful laugh.

It was the 150 episode and they rolled out a cake at the end.  Cat Deeley looked like a present all wrapped in red gauze with a nude skirt underneath.  I think she can wear anything and look great.

More Tahoe pictures

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Lake Tahoe was beautiful this weekend

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Lake Tahoe

 Living here in Reno, I forget how close we are to one fo the most beautiful places in the country, Lake Tahoe.   We took Mt. Rose Highway from the South end of town over the mountain and down to the lake.   We had breakfast in Incline Village at the Wildflower Cafe and then took Kingsbury Grade back over to Carson City.  It was a nice little trip and it only took a few hours total including stops.  

The lake was really crowded.  Seems there were 2 golf tournaments, coupled with great weather.   So we got out of there before the crowd really hit.   We were only stuck for a short while at Sand Harbor waiting for people to turn into the state park.  

We didn’t even bother stopping in So. Lake.  That is where all the big hotels and casinos are located.  Hard times have hit this community as well.  Harvey’s was bought out by Harrah’s  a few years back and Caesar’s Place is now Montbleu.  Bill’s Club has shut it doors.   Horizon is still there looking pretty tired.  All the quaint little motels and lodges that made So. Lake fun have been torn down and replaced by high-end shopping malls with condos and timeshares on top.  It is not the So. Lake I want to remember, so we don’t go there.  

The north shore still has some of its charm left, but there are plans to tear it all out  and make room for more modern digs as well.  The old Cal Nevada Club which once was a home away from home for many big stars such as Frank Sinatra has also been closed for bankrupcy.  I hope it will find new owner who are interested in preserving history.  The showroom  and the ballroom with the state line painted down the center would be a shame to demolish. 

The lake itself is in danger of pollution and a myriad of problem locals will be glad to tell you about.  But for now it is beautiful and I will always remember it that way even if developers have their way.

Happy Birthday America

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Grumpy gets happy

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We made it through another week.  I am feeling great relief knowing that I will be on vacation for most of next week.   I am actually looking forward to spending time with son and grand daughters and maybe wife #2, she sort of grows on you 😉

Wife #2 is bringing her daughter but her son is not coming.  It seems his real father tormented him for being a chicken the first and only time he went to Disneyland.  That is said.  I like the boy but he is as ADHD as they come, so I would rather not have to worry about him.

If you look back at my wedding picture post you can see the whole fandamly.  I am sure that Eldest will be posting on Facebook once she finds out she is going.

We don’t leave till Monday morning, so partner and I are spending a nice weekend at home.  We may go to Sparks and watch the fireworks or not since we are leaving early in the morning.  If we weren’t going on this trip we would go to Lake Tahoe and watch the show on the beach.  It is really a beautiful show over the South Shore casinos.  It reflects in the lake.  The best place to be is on the beaches before South Shore so you can get the full effect.  Well, maybe next year cause I am going to Disneyland!

I would have shown a picture of Grumpy getting Happy but this is a PG site.

Reno Rodeo Time

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The Reno Rodeo has started.   It is supposed to be summer, but it doesn’t seem like it.   Here are some pictures I took a couple of years ago at the rodeo.  Lots of people in town this week.

I went to the extreme bull riding last year but it is at night and the pictures didn’t come out.

Next weekend is Blues and Brews.

Some Random Observations – Danny & The Raccoons (via Peek-A-Boo Parenting)

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You’re never too old to learn something new. I like this post because of the Raccoons which is what made me click on it in the first place, but also because this woman makes a lot of sense. I will be returning here for sure.

Some Random Observations - Danny & The Raccoons I know I have been bending your ear lately about the benefits of exposing small children and large children to nature, parks, and the woods. I have been saying how important it is to allow them to roam freely in nature so they may discover the exhilaration of discovery and the freedom of self expression. Thank you for your patience as I have expounded upon these important issues. Now I want to share with you a story about Danny and the Raccoons. … Read More

via Peek-A-Boo Parenting

Hobey’s Breakfast

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Sunday morning breakfast at Hobey’s has become a standard when we have no company staying with us.  The food is cheap.  We can both have breakfast for eight bucks and the waitresses and bus boys all know us like family.