What’s up doc

Posted in random on November 1, 2016 by jefferyrn

I went to see my primary care doctor today. seems I am being referred to a surgeon. I am not happy about this at all.

15 years ago I had a hernia repair. It has torn open and is the source of great pain. My choices are to have it fixed or risk strangulation, whigh partially occurred last week.

Thursday is my appointment. I am not a happy camper.

In the Navy

Posted in random with tags on October 31, 2016 by jefferyrn

My visit with my family was really not as bad as the anticipation of it.  I got my father to tell us stories from when he was in the service. Some of them even my mother said she had not heard before, but then she doesn’t remember a lot of things these days so take that for what it’s worth.

I think my dad was just very reflective on his birthday. Things he ddidn’t  talk about when he was young were suddenly flooding his mind. And maybe I was listening more now that I am older too. Either way it was interesting after dinner conversation and it had nothing to do with the election so it came as a welcome diversion.

Hearing about his time spent in Norfolk Virgina on the Naval base flying a sea plane were exciting adventures. You could tell from his voice these were fond memories. And then he would pause and say ” interesting” as if it had just dawned on him now how amazing these events were to him.

I felt like I had my old sea daddy back again if only for a few hours. That is what he called him self when we were kids.

Normally after a visit to my folks I feel sad. The future is not bright for them. Dwindling health and all.  But this time I realized what a wonderful life they have… 

The picture above is not my dad., but he had a uniform like that. when I was you ger and thinner I wore it for Halloween. itchy scratch wool. I don’t know how they did it. He even had a wool swim suit!

Scarecrows of Cambria

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Every year Cambria holds a scarecrow competition. Shop owners and residents put out dozens of scary and sometimes humorous scarecrows. This year because of rain the spirits were slightly dampened many resorting to plastic bags to preserve their creations. Here are a few that stayed out in the open.


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We are head down road the to  Morro Bay today. Most of my coworkers think it would expect a fun place to go. I am sure most readers think the same. But for us it is an obligation that has turned into chore of sorts. 

First there is the drive. we have been on the road since 9 am and our destination seems no closers. The GPS says we should arrive at 4::32 pm. But in the heavy traffic on the 5 that nnumber has been increase rather than decreasing. An hour ago it said 4 pm. We have decided to cut over to the 101 because it is more scenic and hopefully less sstressful too. The woman trapped in our dash keeps telling us to make a legal u turn. Eventually she will catch on and reroute us.

Boring road and it has been raining most of the way.

Okay, so the long ride is one thing. Getting  there will make up for that, right? Probably not.

We are going for my father’s 82nd birthday. My sister, her husband and my nephew are coming up from Port Hueneme tomorrow. It should be a nice little family visit in a beautiful beachieved town. What’s not to like? Did I mention my family is going to be there? 

(To be continued.)

Early voting

Posted in election, random on October 25, 2016 by jefferyrn

We early voted yesterday.  I voted for the same person I caucused for earlier this year. I am done with this election. I can’t  wait for it to be over.Who ever wins it’s going to be a challenge to get this country united. It should not be one party against the other. We need to work together. 

People say we are picking between two evils. I don’t.  What is evil about Hilary would be viewed as a virtue in any man. What is evil about Donald is that Americans believe the lies and bigotry. It’s not him after all. People are loving his political incorrectness but they will pay for this reality star’s incompetence. 

I am prepared for whatever happens. This is our country. One man or one woman can not be our undoing.  We will persevere. We will face these challenges as a nation and be stronger for it. 

Rock Horror a truly horrific remake on Fox

Posted in Halloween, random, rockyhorror on October 21, 2016 by jefferyrn

So I was excited  to see the new version of Rocky Horror last night on Fox until I actually started watching it. Very disappointing.

Okay, so the original was a campy cool movie that flopped at the box office and later became the cult classic we all know and love. This version was slick and stylish attempt to attract a new generation. My 20 years old granddaughter left the room 20 minutes in, but I continued watching until Adam Lambert made his brief appearance as Eddie.  So, it didn’t  reach out to a new generation and it was barely watchable by its original fans.

I really liked the MGM musically production style of the first one.  This one was slick, maybe to slick, and lacked the quirkiness …and don’t get me started on the this woman who played the Tim Curry part. Yikes 

It just loses something when the transvestite has real boobs and not a hairy chest and a corset. Laverne Cox is actually pretty.

Tim Curry was amazingly sexual and some how more erotica.

There goes my memory again. Tony from the loading dock at Montgomery Ward had a hairy chest. He used to go with us dress up like Tim. Tim has abviously shaved his as you can see above.

In the end it may be that the material is dated. It has lost some of its shock value and my memory  of it and the fun we had was with Tim not Laverne. (Or was it Tony?)

Social media scares me.

Posted in random on October 7, 2016 by jefferyrn

I have not posted here for quite sometime. The reasons are simple. First it is easier to blog from a desktop computer. Second I am no longer able to do this while at work. And finally, my granddaughter has moved in with us to go to college. The computer is in her room 

I set up a make shift office in our bedroom so I can handle my on-call obligations at work on a laptop. But it doesn’t inspire me to blog.

So I have switched to social media I can do on my phone. The problem is that people read into what I say. Feelings get hurt. Posts are taken down and apologies made. In short it is fast becoming  a censored world of boring everyday trivial nonsense.

I have been exploring other outlets like Tumblr. But that damn thing pops up with embracing notifications. So again I am censoring. I am afraid and I have no outlet for these voices in my head. 

Facebook is the worst. I see a post I like and then there are those  questions from friends and family. I see now what has driven teens to choices like snap chat or kicks (sic.). But those realms are to confusing for an old man like me.

So here I am attempting to blog again on my phone. Geez, give me some paper and a typewriter. I long for the old ways.