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The end is near on Idol

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There are now just two contestants left on AI.  Unfortunately, my favorite went home last night.  But on an up note she out lasted the judges favorite who went home last week.

Now we are going to the finally with “Kreedums” and Candice.   I vote for Candice all the way.   She has a beautiful and powerful voice.   I like Kree too but she is country and that’s not my thing.  I think she destroyed Pink’s song with her twangy runs.  She does have a great back story and when she sings country she is the best.

Kree Harrison

But really Candice stole the night with her performance of “Somewhere” from “West Side Story”.   It has been done to death but she made it fresh and alive.

Candice Glover

In other Idol news Randy Jackson says this is his last season.  You go dawg!


Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey

Speaking of Mariah Carey.  “Mr. Carey” had a special on last night where he surprised his grandparents with a home makeover.   It was really very sweet.  I am starting to like Nick Cannon. (Plus it gives me a reason to post another Mariah photo!)


Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon

Here is Angie Miller singing “Sorry” by Elton John

I am sorry she had to go home before the end.  While she wasn’t as consistent as the other two left in the competition, when she got it right it was stellar.

Dancing, Idol, the end is near

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The end is coming nearer for two of my addictions,  American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.  We are down to three dance couples and two Idols.  The finally for both shows are next week.

DTWS will get a jump on Idol Monday night with their final competition.  The remaining 3 couples,  Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya,  Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough, will all dance twice, one being a freestyle.  Then all the stars will return for the result show on Tuesday and the winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy will be announced.   My money is on Nicole and Derek, second would be Evan and Anna, leaving Erin and Maksim in third.  But anything can happen when you take into account audience votes.

Prince inspired Nicole to dance:

“He encouraged me to come on the show,” Nicole said. “He’s an amazing influence and inspiration in my life and I know everybody and anybody who’s an artist in their lives thinks so as well. I want to thank Prince for allowing us to perform his song ‘Kiss.’ “ she said, adding that the rock star had to give his clearance. “I hope I made him proud.”

Prince and Nicole Scherzinger

As for American Idol we are down to Crytal Bowersox (Momma Sox) and Lee Dewyze.  Crystal won the coin toss so she will sing last on Tuesday nights show.  Crystal is a big fan of Melissa Etheridge and Melissa is apparently a big fan of hers.  She was sitting in the audience on last weeks show and Crystal sang one of her songs, “Come to My Window.”   Lee sang a moving version of  “Hallelujah”.  I will be happy with either of these contestants being crowned AI, but I think it is going to be Crystal.

Big Mike goes home on Idol

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Michael Lynch

Being number 4 isn’t always a bad thing.   Daughtry performed tonight before Mike’s elimination.  He and his band are living proof that this is not the end of the road.  I personally didn’t much care for Mike, but he has a very soulful voice and could easily become a great recording artist.  Good luck Mike.

Casey Survives Idol Elimination

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The bottom two tonight were big Mike and little Aaron Kelly and it was Aaron’s last night on Idol.

Aaron Kelly

I am going on vacation down to Las Vegas for a few days of warmth and sunshine.   Maybe I will blog for there but if not I will be back next Tuesday.

Breakfast, Dancing, and Idol Thoughts

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I am little late posting today.  It was grumpy old men’s breakfast day and since this is be kind to old people month or something like that we took a really long time.  People showed up who were on vacation or retired.  It was fun.  I dread returning to work now.

Last night was a busy night of TV.  I don’t know how I ever survived without a DVR.  I chose to watch the live action on Idol and record DWTS results show.  It is so nice to be able to speed through all the garbage and get to the point of the show!

However, last night was rather disappointing on AI.  It was Sinatra night.  Why do they have these stupid theme shows.  Poor Crystal had to pick a song from Frank Sinatra, have it rearranged by Harry Connick Jr., share the stage with him at piano or organ whatever he was playing and present it to an audience that included Sinatra’s daughters.   This would be tough for even seasoned professionals to pull off.  At least she didn’t have to sing Nancy Sinatra’s hit “These Boots were Made for Walking”, but her choice of “Summer Wind” really wasn’t much better.  I love Crystal but this is two misses in a row.  Maybe next week we could have a Bonnie Raitt night and see how the boys do.

I will say that Lee really stepped up to the plate on this one and I think Harry gave him some good advice.  Big Mike did okay, even though I don’t really like him.  The rest of the boys blew it big time.  I was sorry to see Casey do so badly, because I enjoy looking at him.  Here is one last look.  Even Casey thinks he is going home according to E! Online.

Casey James

I hope you all voted for Crystal despite last nights performance because I really really think she deserves to win this thing.

DTWS….what can I say,  they wouldn’t let Pamela show off her true talents, covering her from head to toe so that nobody could recognize her.  I think she did learn to dance.  But the voting public let her go.  Olympic Skater boy Evan earned the first perfect scores of the season, so it was down to either Pam or Erin (of course I am glad to see Maks one more time this season!)

Idol gives birth?

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We sadly had to say good-bye to Siobhan (and after I just learned how to spell her name).  I think she was talented and entertaining to watch.  I was always excited to see what she was wearing and what she would say and of course to hear her sing.  She  made the show relevant and interesting.  Simon said her last note sounded like someone giving birth rather than singing, but thought her rendition of “Any Man of Mine” was fun.   I think that is what we lost was some of the fun from AI last night.

Siobhan Magnus

I think she will go on and become a star.

As for the rest of Idol.  I am sticking to my prediction that it will come down to Crytal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze. 

Big Mike seems to have a following but he comes across as cocky and over the top in a bad way.  I don’t think he will catch any of Soibhan’s voters.  That and the fact that he was the judges save almost dooms him.

What can I say about Casey James, if you could win on looks he’s got it made, but the singing isn’t always up to par and I don’t think he ever out sang Crystal.  But then again having been to Idols on tour, the fan base is mostly a bunch of over zealous tween girls, he could gain momentum in the next couple of weeks and prove me wrong.

Arron Kelly still has the “isn’t he adorable” grandma vote, but that probably won’t take him to the finish line either.

Breakfast of Champions

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It’s Wednesday.  Every Wednesday a group of us meet for breakfast before coming to work.  It’s a great way to start the day.  We get to complain about work, politics, our partners.  We gossip about coworkers. I call it therapy.  When I miss one my week doesn’t go as smoothly.

Some people call it the meeting of the grumpy old mens club.  I am the youngest member of the group and the only one who still has hair.  We do invite other youngsters but they don’t seem to come regularly like the grumpies do.  I think they are both bored and threatened by our knowledge and experience. …Or maybe they just don’t like us  😉

Bored Baby

Okay so maybe they aren’t this young …………….

I am still digesting breakfast and last nights DWTS and AI and now I am hooked on that darn Glee.  I will post later.

Blogging is an art

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I have been trying to get all the pieces of this blogging thing down so that I can post comments and get comments and all that stuff.  It is very confusing.   Some of you out there have been doing it for years so you probably got it down.

I have been blogging but nobody has been reading because I don’t have all the dynamics down yet.  I am hoping that somehow it will work now.  It is very hard to write a blog just for me.  So I have been a slacker and not updated it on a regular basis.

I want to be a good blogger …but I am blog challenged.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Call in and vote for Crystal on American Idol.  She needs us. I would hate so see her go home because we all got lazy.

Crystal Bowersox

Escape From Reality

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Up until now the majority of my posts have been about reality TV shows.  I find myself escaping my own reality by watching an alternate one on TV.   Now I find myself with a new problem.  These alternate realities have become hostile and boring.

 First take a look at DWTS.  The last two episodes we have seen fighting between the judges, fighting between the stars and their professional partners, not to mention some of the worst dance ever (Kate Gosselin go home!).   Buzz Aldrin, a hero from another time and place, goes home, but Kate the “scary bitch from hell” remains.

 Now let’s look at AI.   We have a group of uninteresting kids who for the most part can’t sing.  How did they get selected in the first place?  We have Tim Urban hanging in there because nobody really cares enough to vote for the others.   We have bad advice from the judges throwing some contestants like Didi off their game and into elimination.  And we have some weird dynamics between Simon, Kara and Ryan.  First off Kara needs to quit kissing Simons ass on the air.   We also need to quit promoting her “finds” as guests on the results show.  And never ever ever let her write the finally song again.  Second, Ryan needs to get over himself.  Yes I said Ryan not Simon.  We know who Simon is and we expect his behavior week after week.  And he is usually right about the contestants.    We don’t know who Ryan is…..  It makes for some odd TV to see Ellen who is comfortable enough with who she is to tell the world, be on the same show as Ryan who appears to be very immature and afraid.  I won’t say he is gay…..we don’t need to be unfairly labeling people, but the producers should not be throwing this question in our faces each week with the banter between Ryan and Simon either.   If he isn’t gay let it go!   If he is gay, shame on him for not having the guts to stand up for himself.  Either way it is an affront to gays and the human rights movement.

Okay so now that I have tired to put some reality back into reality…..lets hope for some entertainment this week.

Idol thoughts….

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We have our top 10 touring group now on AI.  Unfortunately,  only a handful are capable singers.   Based on this weeks performances, Crystal Bowersox is the clear leader of the pack.  She has raw talent and remain unaffected by the judges.  She also knows how to play the game.  She looks happy doing the dreadful group numbers and silly Ford commercials.  But when she sings she does it her way.

As for the rest of the gang, there are some hopefuls.  I really like the two young ones, Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens.  Even if they don’t go far in this competition they most certainly will improve and have long careers in the business.

And there is the quirky girl, Siobhan Magnus.  She makes me want to see what she will do next.

Siobhan Magnus

As for Tim Urban, Big Mike Lynche, Casey James and the sunshine gang,  it is only a matter of time before they are eliminated.   The other 3 (Lee Dewyez, Didi Benami, Andrew Garcia) are middle of the road.  One of them could surprise us with a knockout performance and end up winning, but my money is still on Crystal Bowersox.

Miley Cyrus and Crystal Bowersox

One final observation,  Miley Cyrus offering advice to Idol contestants?  I guess she is successful and the younger contestant can probably relate to her, but my granddaughters, ages 13 and 8, aren’t even interested in her anymore.  And then we got that awful duet from a Jonas bother and some other Disney star I have never seen before and judging from the reaction of the crowd no on else had either……ugh…results shows are bad!