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Dancing, Idol, the end is near

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The end is coming nearer for two of my addictions,  American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.  We are down to three dance couples and two Idols.  The finally for both shows are next week.

DTWS will get a jump on Idol Monday night with their final competition.  The remaining 3 couples,  Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya,  Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough, will all dance twice, one being a freestyle.  Then all the stars will return for the result show on Tuesday and the winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy will be announced.   My money is on Nicole and Derek, second would be Evan and Anna, leaving Erin and Maksim in third.  But anything can happen when you take into account audience votes.

Prince inspired Nicole to dance:

“He encouraged me to come on the show,” Nicole said. “He’s an amazing influence and inspiration in my life and I know everybody and anybody who’s an artist in their lives thinks so as well. I want to thank Prince for allowing us to perform his song ‘Kiss.’ “ she said, adding that the rock star had to give his clearance. “I hope I made him proud.”

Prince and Nicole Scherzinger

As for American Idol we are down to Crytal Bowersox (Momma Sox) and Lee Dewyze.  Crystal won the coin toss so she will sing last on Tuesday nights show.  Crystal is a big fan of Melissa Etheridge and Melissa is apparently a big fan of hers.  She was sitting in the audience on last weeks show and Crystal sang one of her songs, “Come to My Window.”   Lee sang a moving version of  “Hallelujah”.  I will be happy with either of these contestants being crowned AI, but I think it is going to be Crystal.

The Last Rose for Jake

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DWTS….Okay so we have to say good bye to Jake the bachelor.   I was ready for him to go home, but then he danced with that shirt open and it kept falling off his shoulders and revealing more chest…..who cares if he can dance.

Jake Pavelka and Chelsi Hightower

Then we have Max, the pro.  His partner rips his sleeves off and then later he removes his entire shirt.  Who’s his partner….. I was watching Max….

 The sad thing is that Niecy Nash is trying so hard and she was still in the bottom 2.  I would like to see a comedian win this thing.  I loved it when Cloris Leachman was on.  I enjoyed Jerry Springer’s  antics.  And Adam Carolla an a unicycle was great fun.  Not that any of them should have won, but it was entertainment and that is why I watch.

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Seriously though, I think these amateurs are what the show is all about.  Who wouldn’t think an Olympic athlete could dance?   Or a Pussycat Doll….of course she can dance, that’s what made her famous, certainly not her singing ability.

Escape From Reality

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Up until now the majority of my posts have been about reality TV shows.  I find myself escaping my own reality by watching an alternate one on TV.   Now I find myself with a new problem.  These alternate realities have become hostile and boring.

 First take a look at DWTS.  The last two episodes we have seen fighting between the judges, fighting between the stars and their professional partners, not to mention some of the worst dance ever (Kate Gosselin go home!).   Buzz Aldrin, a hero from another time and place, goes home, but Kate the “scary bitch from hell” remains.

 Now let’s look at AI.   We have a group of uninteresting kids who for the most part can’t sing.  How did they get selected in the first place?  We have Tim Urban hanging in there because nobody really cares enough to vote for the others.   We have bad advice from the judges throwing some contestants like Didi off their game and into elimination.  And we have some weird dynamics between Simon, Kara and Ryan.  First off Kara needs to quit kissing Simons ass on the air.   We also need to quit promoting her “finds” as guests on the results show.  And never ever ever let her write the finally song again.  Second, Ryan needs to get over himself.  Yes I said Ryan not Simon.  We know who Simon is and we expect his behavior week after week.  And he is usually right about the contestants.    We don’t know who Ryan is…..  It makes for some odd TV to see Ellen who is comfortable enough with who she is to tell the world, be on the same show as Ryan who appears to be very immature and afraid.  I won’t say he is gay…..we don’t need to be unfairly labeling people, but the producers should not be throwing this question in our faces each week with the banter between Ryan and Simon either.   If he isn’t gay let it go!   If he is gay, shame on him for not having the guts to stand up for himself.  Either way it is an affront to gays and the human rights movement.

Okay so now that I have tired to put some reality back into reality…..lets hope for some entertainment this week.

Dancing with the Stars

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The new season of Dancing with the Stars kicked off last night.   The new co-host is a definite improvement.   The old one was okay but she always seemed to ask stupid questions in the green room.  Now there is no green room.  It’s a celebrity fish tank.  The concept was a good one but all we can see are there backs when they flash a shot of it because they are facing the cameras doing interviews.  I am sure when the producers watch it back they will make some changes.

This season’s cast is really quite entertaining.  Even though I didn’t follow Kate plus 8 and am sick of all the publicity she has gained from her separation she is that average mom that people who watch the show can relate too.  On the other had this is called Dancing with the Stars not Mom learns to Tango.  Stars judge Bruno said that “she looked like she was pushing a shopping cart.”

The other stars are fun to watch.  From the football player, Chad Ochocinco, to the Olympic skater, Evan Lysacek, to the Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin’,  and the sex pot Pamela Anderson, this is a great bunch of characters.   Again we have a soap opera star, Aiden Turner, that no one has ever heard of  and  a bachelor, Jake Pavelka, from the Bachelor reality show.   Of these two the soap star is handsome but has two left feet, while the bachelor is charming and I didn’t even notice his feet at all.

Evan Lysacek


We also have a Pussycat doll, Nicole Scherzinger, who is really quite good.  The other 3 must not have impressed me because I can’t even remember who they were…oh Shannen Dougherty gave an emotional performance for her father in the audience who is recovering from a stroke.   And there was comedian Niecy Nash, whose personality should win her votes in the beginning but she is going to need to learn some moves to stay on the show. Erin Andrews was the eleventh one….Erin who.  Apparently she danced well but I still don’t know who she is….really long legs though!

Pamela Anderson