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Dancing, Idol, the end is near

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The end is coming nearer for two of my addictions,  American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.  We are down to three dance couples and two Idols.  The finally for both shows are next week.

DTWS will get a jump on Idol Monday night with their final competition.  The remaining 3 couples,  Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya,  Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough, will all dance twice, one being a freestyle.  Then all the stars will return for the result show on Tuesday and the winner of the Mirror Ball Trophy will be announced.   My money is on Nicole and Derek, second would be Evan and Anna, leaving Erin and Maksim in third.  But anything can happen when you take into account audience votes.

Prince inspired Nicole to dance:

“He encouraged me to come on the show,” Nicole said. “He’s an amazing influence and inspiration in my life and I know everybody and anybody who’s an artist in their lives thinks so as well. I want to thank Prince for allowing us to perform his song ‘Kiss.’ “ she said, adding that the rock star had to give his clearance. “I hope I made him proud.”

Prince and Nicole Scherzinger

As for American Idol we are down to Crytal Bowersox (Momma Sox) and Lee Dewyze.  Crystal won the coin toss so she will sing last on Tuesday nights show.  Crystal is a big fan of Melissa Etheridge and Melissa is apparently a big fan of hers.  She was sitting in the audience on last weeks show and Crystal sang one of her songs, “Come to My Window.”   Lee sang a moving version of  “Hallelujah”.  I will be happy with either of these contestants being crowned AI, but I think it is going to be Crystal.

No more dancing for Niecy

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I was disappointed but not totally surprised to see Niecy eliminated tonight.  I wanted Ocho Cinco to go home first.  It was a good run for the Reno 911 comedian.  I will just have to keep watching her on the Insider to see her “jiggly parts”  and reruns of Clean House.  The way she buffed the floor last night, maybe she forgot which show she was on.

Niecy Nash

Breakfast of Champions

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It’s Wednesday.  Every Wednesday a group of us meet for breakfast before coming to work.  It’s a great way to start the day.  We get to complain about work, politics, our partners.  We gossip about coworkers. I call it therapy.  When I miss one my week doesn’t go as smoothly.

Some people call it the meeting of the grumpy old mens club.  I am the youngest member of the group and the only one who still has hair.  We do invite other youngsters but they don’t seem to come regularly like the grumpies do.  I think they are both bored and threatened by our knowledge and experience. …Or maybe they just don’t like us  😉

Bored Baby

Okay so maybe they aren’t this young …………….

I am still digesting breakfast and last nights DWTS and AI and now I am hooked on that darn Glee.  I will post later.