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Failure or a new chance?

Posted in food, health, weight loss with tags , , on January 8, 2020 by jefferyrn

I don’t think a half pound peanut butter cup in on my diet.  But I ate it anyway.  I was careful about it.  I cut it into eight pieces.  The first day I ate one. The second I ate the rest of them.  I am like the owl in the tootsie pop commercial.  Except I beat him by one. On the bright side I have rid myself of all the bad food in my desk.  It was delicious.

Tomorrow we get back to basics.  I am cutting sugar, walking more, and the ultimate dirty words, going to the gym.  Yikes.

There is always a reason not to go to the gym.  I don’t feel well, my partner doesn’t feel well, I worked too late to go now, etc.

There is always an excuse to eat sugar.  Because it is there! I am depressed and it will make me feel better.  (The crash from the sugar high makes me feel worse, not to mention the bathroom scales.)

We who suffer from obesity face these obstacles everyday of our lives.  We can choose to be defeated by them or we can achieve our goals.  Food is not happiness.   The gym never killed anyone (I don’t think?).  Walking is a better alternative to needing a wheel chair because we are so damned obese that we can’t.

We know what to do.  And sadly I have failed to do it lately.

Eat healthy

Posted in food, health, weight loss with tags , on April 10, 2019 by jefferyrn

Getting back on track after being sick has been a difficult task. As a diabetic I know what I should and shouldn’t be eating but sometimes I lose sight of the goal. So here is a reminder.

Things you should be eating:

  1. Greens – iceberg lettuce doesn’t really cut it here. Did you know it was originally grow to feed to pigs. You don’t have to go out and harvest your own kale like my nephew, but green leafy vegetables such as spinach, arugula, and collard greens can definitely be prepared as a tasty satisfying dish. Don’t call it salad and maybe you will like it.
  2. Eggs – Eggs are a good source of protein. For years they have gotten a bad rap for increasing cholesterol levels. But just like any other food moderation is the key.
  3. Fatty foods – Yes! We aren’t talking cupcakes and ice cream hear, although once in a while those can be a special treat. What we are talking about are avocados, butter, cheese, eggs, salmon, nuts, seeds, and if you like it Greek yogurt but watch for added sugars
  4. Beans – I always think of that little song from childhood about them being the musical food. The catch here is that many processed beans are high in sodium. Dried beans are the best (of course you cook them first).
  5. Fruit – This is a double edged sword. Raw fruits contain lots of fiber that help cancel out their sugar content. Smoothies break down this fiber and you are left with sugar. Also watch for sugar added to canned fruit. There are some with no sugar added. If it says in light syrup it is probably not the best choice.
  6. Vegetables – Yuk right? We know we should eat them. The fiber here is also key. If you want that baked potato, try a baked yam instead. Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, spinach, snow peas all are good choices. You can find ways to add these to your diet that make them tasty. Hide them in a quiche or soup. You don’t have to eat them in their native form, although I enjoy steamed broccoli, but I know many people including past Presidents detest it. Watch the cheese sauce. Unless you make it yourself it is probably full of sodium.
  7. Whole Grains – I love bread products. Make smart choices here. There are so many “whole grain” options. Read the fiber content as some of these are misleading. Again we need moderation. Open face that sandwich. Eat that burger but leave off the top bun. Skip those chips or rolls and have brown rice or a yam with your meal. Small changes make a big difference.
  8. Lemons – Citrus is an important part of your diet. It improves digestion, your immune system (I tend to think of pirates and scurvy here), and it keeps you fuller longer. Put that lemon slice in your unsweetened ice tea or water. Simple right?
  9. Turmeric – I found this one on a website. I am a little dubious of its purported miracle qualities. But using it as a seasoning on salmon couldn’t hurt.
  10. Chocolate – What? We are not talking milk chocolate here. The sugar added to milk chocolate cancels out any benefits it may have had. This is raw dark chocolate. It contains antioxidant chromium and is supposed to improve insulin function. Again this is a hard one to swallow. But mole sauce is one answer. I am sure it can be added to lots of recipes.

So that is my list for today. I am going to the gym after work. I am feeling much better. Eat healthy and we will achieve our goals.


Posted in health, weight loss with tags , on January 7, 2019 by jefferyrn

I am getting back on track for the New Year. But more importantly I am doing it for me. I have plans. I want to get down to what I weighed when Rick and I met in 1999. I was still heavy but not like now. I think the bliss of our relationship and having someone cook for me who enjoys cooking has contributed to my size increase. But the real blame is me.

I read an article on CNN that says exercise while good for you is not going to make you lose weight. Riding that exercise bike or treadmill for 20 minutes might burn a few calories, but those calories are easily wiped out by a latte or a cookie or some other snack. The only way to lose weight is to eat less calories then you burn in a single day. We have energy used to maintain automated functions, such as breathing, pumping blood through our veins, all forms of movement. We burn calories thinking about problems or stressing over things too. If you add all that up it is far more than any trip to the gym is going to accomplish.

Going to the gym does have its good points. It stimulates the brain and clears your head. It boosts your metabolism for a short time. It builds muscle mass. It also builds hunger. That is the problem I deal with every time. After exercise I am hungry. I am usually too tired to make the right choices. I eat junk.

My point in all of this is that I need start keeping track of what I am eating again. I need to hold myself accountable for that cookie after work or that morning mocha. Those are useless calories that make me fat.

There are many phone apps that help you track your daily intake. I have been using MyFitnessPal (on and off again) for several years. I like this one because it remembers my habitual eating and makes it easier for me to record. I tried WW (WeightWatchers) too, but they charge a monthly fee and quite frankly I was not seeing any real advantage. Either I am doing this or I am not and a monthly fee is no motivation. Just look at all the monthly gym fees and I never step into the place.

So free is better. Find one that you like. Some people like WW because of the support group. You can attend meetings and share with people on the app. That doesn’t work for me. I feel motivated when I first join and then the newness of the commitment wears off.

Anyway, as I have stated before I have a goal. Our 20th anniversary as a couple is coming in May. It will also be our 5th year of marriage. I need to look good on the beach in Hawaii. I am tired of people asking me to move because I am blocking the sun. I am tired of asking for a chair because I don’t fit into booths. I am tired of holding my food in my lap because the tray table can’t be lowered. I am tired of looking in the mirror and not liking my physical appearance.

Time for lunch! Hopefully I make intelligent choices…..

Portion control

Posted in food, health, weight loss with tags on December 14, 2018 by jefferyrn

Portion control sounds simple but it is so very hard for me to accomplish. Let’s look at what is getting in my way.

First, I have always used the excuse. “but I like it!” Here is the deal you can have what you like but you don’t need to eat it like you think someone is going to steal it from you if you don’t hurry up and finish it all. Where does this thought process come from?

When I was a child I watch my family devour their meals. My grandmother was a slow eater. This meant that sometimes she would miss out on things. Or so I thought. She actually took what she thought she could eat. This is what I need to start doing.
No one is going to take food away from me. This is not my last meal. This is not the only time I will have pizza. This is not my last desert. That bag of chips will be good for a few days without going stale.

Second, my partner is always offering me his food because he is full. It happened again last night. We were having pork tenderloin and he couldn’t finish his serving. Guess what he gave to me. I have to stop accepting these offers and be willing to throw it out.

Third, I do the kitchen clean up. The problem here is that I continue to stuff my face with things as am doing the dishes. I take the big serving spoon and eat those last few bites in the pan. I need to be scraping it into the trash or down the disposer. I am sure my partner is sampling the food while he is making it and that is what causes number 2 above.

Finally, I need to start measuring again so that I am more realistic about what a proper portion size should be. Of course, I have been to see a nutritionist. They show you what proper portion sizes are with fake food. But it isn’t the same as measuring something I am actually putting in my mouth. The rule is equal portions. Your plate should be divided into thirds, one part protein, one part vegetables, and one part starch. You should start by eating the vegetable and protein and then the starch. That way you might fill up on the other two and not eat as many carbs.

The portions get blurred when you are eating noodles or pasta. With spaghetti there is a meat sauce and there may be some meat balls on top plus cheese. When you are eating stroganoff there is beef on top of those noodles. Gnocchi is nothing but potatoes with a little olive oil and basil. How to balance these dishes becomes a real issue. One solution has been to not make these the main course. If you must have pasta have a chicken dish with it and always start with a salad or soup to fill you up. Then there is the issue of bread. This one is a killer. My advice is to not have bread with pasta. If you must have bread only prepare a small amount, not a whole loaf. This is again something I will eat while doing the dishes.

So basically, I know what to do. Now I need to get busy following my own advice.