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It’s the weekend

Posted in friends, random with tags on February 1, 2019 by jefferyrn

It’s Friday. That used to be an exciting day for me. It meant the weekend was about to start and hopefully a lot of fun things unrelated to work. Now that I am older and more settled it doesn’t really have the same appeal. Yes, it means I get to leave this place and spend some time with Rick, but the exciting part is gone. That is not say that it is not enjoyable. I still dread Monday’s.

This weekend I have to do some testing. We are upgrading our system starting at 5 pm tonight. The vendor expects to be finished sometime Saturday afternoon. I will need to verify that everything is in working order before Monday morning. This means logging into all the key workstations and making sure the users will be able to do what is necessary to treat a patient. I don’t go at this alone. There will be a physicist and a (treatment) therapist verifying the systems as well. It should only take a few hours if all goes well. But somehow that really puts a damper on the weekend. The upside is that I can take a comp day off to make up for it.

Studio one. Those stairs were treacherous.

I remember going out drinking on Friday nights with my friends, and dancing. I don’t think I have been dancing since the 90s. Of course, I am so fat now that I don’t feel comfortable on the floor, but that used to be my workout routine. If someone got up enough courage to ask me to dance I would say yes. If they got to physical or other unwanted attentions they wouldn’t get a second yes. But I loved dancing. (Maybe that’s why I like DWTS and all those other competition shows on TV.)

The thing I need to remember is that my courage back then came for a good stiff drink. I don’t drink so much anymore. It is not good for my health and wellbeing. So getting that courage to hit the floor is a little harder. Also, the dance floors are disappearing. It used to be that every bar had one. Remember Stuart Anderson’s and the tin dance floor, Studio One in West Hollywood, or Circus, or the Rage. They are all gone now. We even had a local place called McConaughey’s which had a great dance floor (and hookers and drugs but that’s another story).

Two Chick Cafe in Reno. Great breakfast. No stairs.

So this weekend I work for a few hours on Saturday. We go out to breakfast as usual. We will dream about our vacation to Hawaii in May. We look at picture of the baby and wish we could be there to hold him. We watch Netflix and laugh at Lilly Tomlin and Jane Fonda. Rick will pop some popcorn. It’s not that bad after all.