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The waiting (weighting) game

Posted in health, retirement, weight loss with tags , on April 29, 2021 by jefferyrn

I would like to report that I am losing weight and happy as a clam, but that is not the case.  I am on a plateau and it is starting to be discouraging.  I know I am doing all the right things. I am tracking my food, doing my exercises, drinking water, getting sleep, but the darn scales are going the wrong direction.  It is not going to deter me though.  It will happen eventually. 

There are lots of reasons I am not losing.  Salty food, too much food (even though I am meeting my target), not moving enough on the days I don’t exercise.   Some people would tell you that muscle weighs more than fat.  Not so sure there is any real science behind that unless you are a body builder with extreme muscles.  I tell myself that the dream machine/ humidifier is filling me with water vaper while I sleep.  But that tank is not that big, holds maybe 8 ounces of water.  Looking for excuses is not the best idea. 

If the plateau last longer than two weeks I need to change something.  But for now I just need to wait (weight) it out.


In other news, we lined up a realtor for Palm Springs.  He wants to have a Zoom meeting with us on Saturday before we come down.  My how things have changed with the pandemic and technology.  He looks like a nice guy but I am not sure he is the one that will be on the Zoom call.  He says they are a team.  Intriguing to say the least.  So I need to look sharp on a Saturday morning, combed hair, clean shirt, maybe even pants.

There is no doubt that we qualify to buy a second home.  The question is how much can we afford and still get what we are looking for without becoming “house poor”.  My husband has been crunching the numbers.  We are prepared.  Of course, I have my wish list, affordable or not.  There is some wiggle room.  I have some sources of income I am holding back for my future.  We need something that either one of us can afford should the other leave this world.  That’s what those sources are for, but in the back of my mind I want it all now. 


Eventually, I will retire and we will sell the Reno condo for what looks like now to be a hefty profit.  So that money could replace some of my stash if we go that route.  Husband is more cautious and thinks I may need that money too to survive without him.  He is probably right, darn him.  But what if I go first?  Then he gets all that money.  Maybe that is his secret plan, lol.

Hidden stash

I am sure I have bored you with all of this financial stuff so let me just end here and say we are going to have a nice week off and enjoy the warm weather in Palm Springs.





Working it out

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I finally  went back to my exercise routine. It’s a circuit training video called d-fit. I am on the intermediate level. Just barely though. I follow the girl in the back doing push-ups on my knees etc.  I texted my doctor and was given the ok to start again. Just watch for chest pain and shortness of breath. Kind of funny cause excise always makes me breath harder but there is a difference between  breathing hard and being out of breath. So far I am fine.


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Now that I am doing Noom the company has decided to work with third party on a similar program called MOBE.  This is supposed to replace our old HealthyTracks system.  I don’t know why I need all of these darn health apps on my phone.  I am doing the bare minimum on MOBE to get credit.  It is truly redundant.  The difference is I have a “live” counselor assigned to me.  We have our first call on Friday.  I feel like we a dating. He sent me his bio (see below).

Guide Bio – Joe

Hey, I’m Joe!

I love to perform in live theater and love to watch it. I’m an easy audience member and love to suspend disbelief to be transported into a new world. I love movies, TV, and books for the same reason. I love animals and rescued two of the cutest dogs, Jake and Cindy. They came with their own “Oprah story” that is too long to tell here, but would melt your heart. I live with two cats and I now realize that my favorite animal is the one that is front of me. I love the way I feel when I meditate so I try and do it for an hour each day. I have always wanted to help people and have been learning about health and how I can use that to help myself and others. Now, as you and I start this journey together, I feel honored to be able to share what I have learned with you.

We’ll see how this goes.  If MOBE is okay I could stop paying for Noom.  But then next year the company will cancel MOBE and so it goes.

It is nice that our hospital is at least trying to address wellness. I am just a little overwhelmed with health experts right now.  Three health counselor, two cardiologist, and a pulmonary in a pear tree.  My cpap has been ordered and I should have it in my hot little hands in 7 to 10 days.  No more losing sleep over that one. (Pun intended.) All the other follow-ups are next month.

And next month is our anniversary.  We are going to see the grandchildren and my mother before going on to Palm Springs.  I can hardly wait.  Things are opening up a bit, so I am looking forward to going out for a drink or two or three.  They had to start serving food to be open.  People are complaining that the food is not good.  Who is going there to eat I ask you?


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I reached a goal this morning.  So far I have lost 10 pounds in six weeks. Slowly but surely the weight is coming off and I am eating better.  I feel better too.  After some rest and the realization that I don’t have it so bad after all, my depression from Monday is all but history.

Roma’s Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker

We have company coming for the weekend.  First time in months.  Everyone is vaccinated so the risk is lower.  This will be the test of my ability to avoid the food pushers and stick to my healthy eating habits.  I think I can do it because they are habits not a diet this time. I am sure to go over my budget at least once depending on where we go to eat but I am prepared. I have the tools to choose wisely and still not feel left out.

Noom lessons this week have been comparing different “diets” and their perceived benefits.  We have looked at Vegetarian/Vegan, Paleo, glutton free, and today Low-cab.  There are pros and cons to each of these.  In tandem to that we looked at what constitutes a balanced diet and how the has changed over the years.  We also looked at how it differs from country to country and different regions of the world.  These differences are based on availability of certain foods, culture, political, and religious beliefs.  It is interesting stuff without too much detail to bog it down and become boring.  We are also learning how to evaluate studies and whether they meet certain criteria to be trusted or not.  This is a little subjective but they give examples and list out the facts. We are given the chance to agree or disagree and then Noom tells us what they think.  It seems to be a fair approach.

I am sort of writing this blog today as an affirmation to myself.  I have made it.  I am still on the journey.  Success is the only option.  Slips and slides be damned.  I can and will lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

Doctors be damned too.  I got the results of my stress test.  Didn’t have to wait for my appointment.  They sent an all clear text message through MyChart.  Yeah!


Posted in health, weight loss with tags , on March 26, 2021 by jefferyrn

My health scare is over.  Time to get back on track with the program.  Today is exercise day, but I am going to take it easy until I am sure of my new medications.  I will do the strength training, but not the cardio portion of the routine. I am not making this new wrinkle an excuse to stop my progress on losing weight and getting fit.  But I don’t want a trip to the hospital either.

The psycho portion of the courses this week concentrated on breaking a plateau. I have not gotten to one yet.  The definition here is key.  A plateau is 2 weeks of no change in weight, not 2 days.  It is considered normal.  Your body tries to be more efficient with the reduced calories it is taking in and the weight loss suffers. 


What to do?  Well, you can ignore it and look for other signs of progress, like a loss in inches or clothing size, the ability to climb stairs and not be out of breath.  For each person, these alternate measurements of success will vary.  It could be something simple like avoiding a food pusher at work, turning down that doughnut.  Or maybe you have a more positive image of yourself, more confidence.  Whatever your measurement is you can use it to get through the plateau period.

But how do we break the plateau? This is the tricky part.  You don’t want to starve yourself as punishment. You also don’t want to give up and go on a binge, giving into the elephant.  Making a small change can sometimes break the curse.  Take an extra walk after work or at lunch.  Eat more at breakfast but still keep you total budget for the day.  Have a dessert once or twice a week if you aren’t already.  Then boom the weight will start coming off again.

That is the jest of what we are learning. The main point is to not give up just because you have hit a dead end or so it seems.  It is all perfectly normal and remember that your end goal is to be more healthy not to just lose weight.

Lessons learned

Posted in health, weight loss with tags , on March 19, 2021 by jefferyrn

It’s Friday again. The weekend is always a struggle to stay with any diet.  So much fun to be had eating out and don’t get me started on desserts.  But I have made good progress so far, 5.4 pounds.  Monday will be the start of week 5.  I hope to make my goal of 6 pounds.  I have 3 days to lose.  Maybe I won’t quite make it but I am darn close to 1.2 pounds a week.  So that is decent progress even with my “guilty” days.

Another measure in Noom is our course progress.  I am at level 202.  This is about half way through the apprentice segment.  I think these lessons are really helping me stay with the program.  I have forgotten to do them twice.  But guess what?  They are added on to the next day so you have twice the work.  It’s only about 11 minutes a day.  I sometimes do them faster than the time allotted.  The nice thing is they are spread out in 2 minute reads.  So if you need to do something else or are interrupted it is easy to find your place and continue later.

Course progress

The food logging is also a good thing.  I am logging every meal and checking twice to see how many calories I have left and more importantly which groups my choices have fallen into.  As I mentioned before there are three groups, Green, Yellow, and Red.  Based on food density.  Amazing to me is that whole grain products are yellow. That means a whole grain English muffin goes into the yellow category, not red like it’s plain cousin.  It has encouraged me to get whole grains and brown rice, saving the red for beef, butter, or sweet indulgences like doughnuts.  That doughnut the other day didn’t kill me. It bit into my total calories but I still made it under for the day.

Time to enjoy the weekend and not worry too much.  I know I can do this because I am doing this and have been for 4 weeks.


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Today it is all about guilt.  I feel guilty because my work mates stayed up all night working on an upgrade to our dictation system.  I really shouldn’t feel guilty because they gave me a pass. There was a lot of excitement around the upgrade because Krispy Kreme’s was opening a new store in Sparks and one of the guys was going to bring some to the office.  They offered to bring me some too but I told them it didn’t fit into my Noom plan.  One doughnut is 200 calories and all red.  But then all I have been thinking about is doughnuts since.

So my real guilt comes next.  My husband went to the Sprinkles Doughnut shop on the corner after breakfast and brought me a glaze twist.  Turns out that sucker has 280 calories.  I would have been better off with the Krispy Kreme. But I satisfied the elephant. I don’t need no stinking doughnuts for a while. I know my husband thought he was helping me because he said I have been talking about those doughnuts for 5 days. It’s done.  I take full responsibility for eating that delicious sugar/dough/grease concoction.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Today is exercise day so maybe I can work a little harder and make back some of the calories.  I am doing mostly the right things.  It takes time to change and a sweet once in a while is not the end of the world.  I certainly am not making it a slippery slope for the rest of the day.  Even though my husband just threw out a gallon of ice cream because he didn’t like the taste. Normally I would say save it for me. But as I told him it’s only 5 bucks down the drain (maybe more like 10).  Why eat something you don’t truly enjoy?

I haven’t done my lessons today yet.  I need to get motivated and back on track.

Noom forth

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I am in my fourth week of Noom.  I can’t believe I am sticking with it.  So far I lost 4.5 pounds.  I can see it in my face, but damned if I can see any difference in my waistline. Can’t even see my waist for that matter.  But it is working.  I have not only lost weight but I have been learning how to modify my behavior, the behavior that got me here in the first place, morbidly obese is the medical term.  A bit nasty sounding don’t you think?

Exercise has become a part of my day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  The circuit training is getting easier.  I have memorized what the coach is going to say next, along with all the bad jokes.  It’s a little like the script from the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.  You remember all of it, and sadly they are changing that dialogue because it is culturally dismissive.  I get it we can’t be offensive anymore. I am learning that too.

But back to the main topic, I am making this exercise task a routine rather than something I dread.  I still struggle with the pushups (I do mine on my knees) and the burpee sprawls, what a hellish thing they are to complete.  I do my best.  The thing to remember is my belly hits the mat a lot sooner than those guys and gals in the video, and I am moving around a lot more weight.  But I am moving and eventually I might/will be able to do them right.

Hopefully not an offense scene from Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise

As for the behavior modification, we are learning to pair things we do well with things we need to do.  It’s got some blasted name and acronym, but the basic idea is building on your previous accomplishments. 

For example, you started eating breakfast every morning.  Now you build on that by making some small changes to what you are eating.  Swap out the granola for some oatmeal or Greek yogurt that you add fresh nuts or fruit to.  Or if you are already eating Greek yogurt with fruit in it, buy the plain and add your own.  I don’t eat yogurt at all so this is not one of my things.  I have started boiling my eggs instead of frying them and switch to a whole grain English muffin. You can do this with everything in life not just food related habits, but for Noom’s purposes it is all about the food.

I am still a Noom apprentice* so I don’t have everything going for me yet. In fact, they don’t recommend trying to change everything all at once.  Concentrating on one thing makes it easier and you are more likely to succeed.  It is the opposite of multitasking.  Instead of doing everything half assed.  Do one thing right. 

*This apprentice not the other one.

The group conversion is also getting better.  People are sharing things I can relate to and give my own examples.  People have also shared deeply personal experiences such as deaths* in their family. The traumatic events, of course, have an enormous effect on ones ability to continue on with the program. I am not so sure I could be that brave. But I don’t mind offering my condolences and support to those that do.

*I know you’re thinking but Jeff how is that better conversion.  I guess it depends on how you view death.  I don’t fear it. I recognize it. I want to push it off and long as I can, but I have no fear.


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Groups started yesterday.  I have officially been assigned to a Noom support group.  My phone is constantly buzzing with new people introducing themselves to the group.  It was a little annoying at first but now things are settling down and it is more like Facebook for Noomers.   The group has a coach who guides the discussions.  So far so good.  I am a little reluctant to share too much.  It is easier to share here on my blog that nobody reads.  But then again they are total strangers.  There is some heightened curiosity.

Group hug – Love Pooh!

I am doing well on this program.  My weight is slowly going in the right direction.  I am losing about 2 pounds a week.  Here is the annoy part.  People in the group are bragging about losing 10 pounds in the first two weeks.  I cry bullshit.  But we are not allowed to call each other out.  There are rules to being a nice Noomer.  Also, like Facebook, some have chosen to post pictures of themselves.  I don’t think those are real either.  I am afraid to post a profile picture of my gut.  But maybe I will get brave and at least take one with my phone for my own progress measure.

 As I said I will attempt to share what I am learning about Noom here in my blog.  You can decide for yourself if it is something you would like to try.  I am not promoting anything here but good health.  How you get there is a personal choice.  I have tried many fad diets over the years.  They work to a point until you unlearn how to eat healthy.  In my 20s it was easy to skip a few meals to be a few pounds lighter on the weekend for a date.  I used to love dancing.  It was great exercise.  Now days not too many bars have dance floors.  Not to mention I don’t go out that much.  But I would like to dance again someday.  That seems like a reasonable goal.  Maybe even take classes. To dance at my granddaughter’s wedding.  Now there is a specific goal. Of course, she says she has no plans to get married, so there is that obstacle.

As a short term goal, I have managed to exercise 3 times a week.  I am still using the D-Fit videos from my other health coach adventure.   Incidentally, she has reached out to me.  I told her thanks for the help but that I have started a new program and am no longer in need of her assistance.  (She texted me 3 times so I felt the need to give it a clean break.  She thanked me and wished me luck.)

Recipe Thursday

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I haven’t tried this one yet but it looks good to me. It’s mostly a “green” choice, which means low calorie density. The only density really comes from the butter.